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    American Film Institute 
    Dedicated to identifying and training the next generation of film makers. Guide to workshops and schedule of exhibitions.
    American Motion Picture Society 
    Hosts the American International Film Festival. Membership information, festival details and history, film submission information, and links.
    Argonaut Foundation 
    Nonprofit organization involved in restoring film, film scores and preserving movie locations and sets.
    Association of Film Commissioners International 
    Network of film liaison professionals worldwide.
    Austin Film and Digital Entertainment 
    Non-profit group created by the Greater Chamber of Commerce in Austin, Texas. Events calendar, business incentive details, timeline, community, and resource links.
    BAFTA East Coast 
    The British Academy of Film and Television Arts provides overview of organisation, news and information on events and membership.
    Canadian Film Fan Club 
    Providing information and educational services, retail outlet and social activities.
    Chicago Institute for the Moving Image 
    Nonprofit organization that encourages filmmakers to take responsibility for the way their films affect their audiences. Includes details of current projects and information on events.
    Encourages and assists the development, production, exhibition and knowledge of film, television and new media in Australia.
    Cultural Industries: Cinema and audiovisual media 
    UNESCO encourages the design of national or regional policies in the field of cinema and audio-visual, in order to create environments conducive to development.
    Film and Television Action Committee 
    Grassroots organization of film workers and small film businesses. Mission statement, trade remedy information, meetings, news, resources, union relations, and links.
    Florida Motion Picture and Television Association 
    Organization of Florida motion picture and television professionals. Officers, events, membership information, contact information, newsletter, and links.
    Internet Film Critics Association 
    International online organization made for professional and non-professional film critics.
    Latin-American Cinemateca of Los Angeles 
    Nonprofit viewer-sponsored film exhibition and cultural organization dedicated to supporting and cultivating every aspect of Latin-American cinema.
    Media Resource Centre 
    South Australian organization providing support for local filmmakers. General information, membership details, support service details, and job opportunities.
    Motion Picture Association of America 
    Includes information on ratings system for both movies and television, press releases, and legislation.
    Muse Film and Television 
    Non-profit company which uses film and digital media to create films on the visual arts and culture. Background information, and synopses of films produced as well as projects in development.
    Nationa Black Programming Consortium 
    Non-profit media service organization devoted to the preservation, production, distribution and promotion of diverse film and videos about African Americans and the experiences of the African Diaspora.
    National Projects 
    A civic-minded organization dedicated to the artistic production, presentation and promotion of the motion picture medium.
    Northwest Film Center School of Film 
    Regional media arts resource and service organization, based in the Portland Art Museum.
    Omni Short Films 
    Extensive interactive on-line selection of short films from around the world. Omni distributes in all media.
    Puerto Rico Film Commission 
    Non-profit organization aims to provide resources for audiovisual production as well as to promote the development of the film industry in the region. Background, locations, resources, local details, and links.
    Real Institute 
    A nonprofit film events organization based in Gwynedd, North Wales. Background information, members, and links.
    Swiss Film Center 
    National agency for promotion of long feature and documentary films. Site available in Dutch, English and French.
    The Brooklyn Film Institute, Inc. 
    The Brooklyn Film Institute, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing culture and the art of film to the public, especially the people of Brooklyn and New York City.
    The Documentary Center at George Washington University 
    Provides education on and promotion of documentary films.
    The Hollywood Sign Trust 
    View The Hollywood Sign from six Panasonic security cameras and learn about the Hollywood SignTrust and how it helps maintain the Hollywood landmark.
    The Irish Screen 
    Nonprofit arts organization promoting Irish directors, actors and cinema in Los Angeles.
    The Short Film Bureau 
    A non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the short film. Site contains advice on funding, marketing and distributing short films.
    Young Artists Awards 
    A non-profit organization which awards scholarships to financially challenged and physically handicapped teens and younger individuals seeking a future in the entertainment industry.