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American Widescreen Museum 
Widescreen and early movie color system history, illustrated with technical and non-technical information. Information on old color processes.
Blue Collar Films 
Site intended to encourage film crew in the production of their own features, short films, documentaries and other art forms.
Books About Filmmaking 
Brief reviews of recommended books for cinematographers, directors and film students, with links.
Philosophical site about filmmaking and cinematography.
Edward Ditterline's Spank The Mind Studios 
An look at how one person and one studio creates film, digital video, live theatrical and multimedia productions [Flash Only.]
Enter Future Filmmaker 
Explanation of the history, and processes of filmmaking.
Evelyn Haze 
Production diary, development notes, and advice for filmmakers by executive film producer Heather Barron.
Film 411 
Online resource and magazine relating to film and cinema. Contains news, reviews, interviews, and a message board. 
Online starting point for filmmakers and film lovers. A movie-oriented community site and search engine. 
Film-related events listing, directory of film professionals, and independent films in streaming media format for online viewing.
Future Movies 
Film articles and reviews, tips for new filmmakers, and links to filmmaking resources. 
Australian resource for people in the film industry. News, film reviews, discussion forums, and links.
Highlander Film 
Links directory and informational articles on filmmaking. 
Online magazine about filmmaking in Hollywood with shots and clips taken from sets, a listing of events, and the filmmaking process.
Information for the Film Professional 
Information, humour, links and news for film crew.
Light and Shadow: The Magic of the Movies 
Contains commentaries and articles related to filmmaking. Journals the process from the script to editing, charting the trials and tribulations of making a short film.
Low-Fi Video 
Independent, alternative, low/no-budget, amateur, Web and digital cinema in Serbia. Background information, video archive, contact information, and links.
Project Seven 
Six filmmakers have been challenged to each make seven short films in the year 2002. Site includes information on the films' themes and deadlines.
Rick's Digital Hotline 
Documents developments to digital video and filmmaking as they affect no-budget filmmakers.
Shoot and Post 
Publisher of books and documentation to assist production professionals.
The Art and Craft of Movie Making 
Resource for filmmakers discussing tips for making films, explanations of the various production steps, and interviews with famous directors including Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone; from BBC Education.
The Girls' Room: Indie Filmmaking Pages with Attitude 
Tips, links and lots of independent filmmaking, plus a special page devoted to sex, violence and censorship at the movies.
The State of the UK Film Industry in a Global Market 
MBA (Exec) online research project. Now available for viewing to the general public and film industry executives.