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    Access Place Movies 
    Directory of movie news, reviews, films, stars, Oscars, references, soundtracks, stores, and studios.
    Art Of Cinema 
    Film credits directory and news.
    Carfax Abbey Horror Film Database 
    Films listed by title, alternative title, year of release, or subgenre. Includes actor and director biographies and pictures, as well as film multimedia.
    Cinema Sites 
    Organized and annotated index of movie and television resources.
    Collection of cinema-related online resources. 
    Film-related resources, including reviews, trivia, quotes, multimedia, filmmaking, and reference materials.
    Film and media directory subdivided by categories. Film-related content includes celebrities, movies, studios, theaters, organizations, schools, festivals, and production.
    Lalit Rao: Links 
    Alphabetical list of links to film sites.
    Movie Clicks 
    Links to the official sites of current theater and home video releases.
    Movie Target 
    Provides links to official movie sites.
    Movie Theology 
    A directory of websites that offer film information from a Christian perspective.
    Reveals endings to classic and recently released features. Alphabetical listing of films [requires frames].
    Movies - 123World 
    An alphabetical list Hollywood movies' official sites. 
    Film-related resources subdivided by category of interest. Movies 
    Links to celebrities, magazines, reviews, soundtracks, and trailers.
    The Definitive Film Links Resource 
    Over 40,000 links to film-related sites, listed by category. Topics include awards, celebrities, individual films, and education.
    Collection of links to movie-related sites organized by category.