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    Alien Evidence Now! 
    Humurous search for the truth behind aliens and UFOs.
    Blah Trek: Science Fiction parodies 
    Features humor at the expense of movies and TV series like Star Trek, 2001, Red Dwarf and Star Wars. Jokes, parodies, short stories, long stories, and mocking.
    Book-A-Minute SF/F 
    Ultra-condensation of classic and popular books. 
    Reviews, commentary, and randomness.
    Dueling Dialogue 
    A weekly competition to write the best caption for a still from a classic film.
    Evil Overlord, Inc. 
    The list of the Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became an Evil Overlord. Also, a page of Star Trek parodies and more Evil Overlord tips.
    FANS: a Filk Opera 
    A sci-fi satire, set to the music from Cats.
    Mister X's Ultimate Site of Doom 
    Only for a superhero, or with permission from a superhero.
    Planet Relish E-Zine 
    A magazine devoted exclusively to humorous science fiction, fantasy and horror.
    Science Fiction Cookbook 
    Recipes to cook aliens and other characters from science fiction and fantasy.
    Cartoons of popular genre movies and television shows including Star Wars, Stargate, Buffy, and Red Dwarf in a South Park style.
    Tachyon Cult 
    Spoof news, rumors, and reviews of science fiction and fantasy movies, television, and magazines.
    Tim's Top Tens 
    Top ten lists covering different topics, including Star Trek and anime.