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    Animal Firm 
    Creates custom animal figures, puppets, and costumes to order.
    Animax Designs 
    Custom designed puppets, realistic creatures, animatronics, and animals for television, film, theme parks.
    Arms-Length Productions 
    Puppets including ants, anglo, ethnic and cartoon characters; foam puppet building videos and kits.
    Artgate Puppets 
    Belgium-based manufacturer of marionettes, puppets and fantasy figures. Includes testimonials, contact information and biography of the owner.
    Axtell Expressions 
    Puppets, illusions, videos, audio tapes, books, a puppet auction and a forum.
    Offers puppets, puppet making kits and puppet making patterns based on characters from the bible.
    Celebrity Marionettes 
    Includes list of available celebrities, the process of manufacturing with photographs and a contact email address.
    Chensational Puppets 
    Small part-time business that makes unique art pieces/puppets for people in the Greater Toronto Area.
    Children's Ministry Today 
    Puppetry, ventriloquism, clowning, illusion, ballooning, worship music, object lessons, family devotions, videos, kid's fun page, ministry ideas etc.
    Chuckles Puppet Emporium 
    A large selection of puppets and free information on books, events, and organizations for puppeteers.
    British handmade vent dummies and puppets.
    Cleaford Puppets 
    Handmade wide mouth puppets and scripts for sale for ventriloquism and fun.
    Clewer Puppets 
    Order puppets, browse puppet galleries.
    Crystal Knight Imports 
    Each marionette is hand carved, hand painted, hand sewn, and hand signed, all made in the capital of European Marionette Theater - Prague, Czech Republic, by its finest artisans.
    Daniel Oates Toys 
    Marionettes, in an assortment of characters.
    Design for Theatre 
    Joanne Bigham's Open Door Puppet Theatre turns any doorway into a puppet theatre.
    Diabolo Puppets 
    Canadian manufacturer. Includes product information, online ordering via email and company information.
    Discount Puppets by Kathleen 
    Puppets, muppets and ventriloquism dolls for religion, church and other uses.
    Custom puppets for TV/video work. Also blacklight and hand puppets for ministries.
    This site offers 50 cute animal and people designs.
    Fairyland International Inc. 
    Marionette style puppets made of yarn, wood and plush.
    Fielder Road Puppet Ministry 
    Christian puppetry, offering scripts, patterns and a professional traveling stage. Also provides information and links.
    Folkmanis Handpuppen und Fingerpuppen - Spielwaren von Pöppel & Co 
    Die bekannten Folkmanis Puppen, Handpuppen, Fingerpuppen, Tierfiguren und Plüschtiere im Online Shop von Pöppel & Co. Wir liefern Spielwaren und Spiele kompetent und schnell ins Haus
    Folkmanis, Inc. 
    Manufactures over 180 plush animal hand puppets, character puppets, finger puppets, and glove marionettes. Includes a list of online stores that carries the Folkmanis puppets.
    Folly's Fables 
    Wooden marionettes handcrafted by artist Darren Way.
    Goblin Art and More 
    Unique masks, puppets, creatures, and gift items; on line catalog, ordering information, accepts some credit cards. Portland, Oregon, USA.
    God's Little People Puppets 
    Rod arm and hand puppets for church and family ministries, as well as puppet stages and accessories.
    Hand Shadowgraphy 
    Hand Shadowgraphy as an art form, for entertainment, fun and enjoyment. Hand Shadow Live
    Caricature puppets: latex and foam rubber puppets, vent figures and puppetry services.
    Indonesian Arts Network - Wayang Golek Rod Puppets 
    Supplier of a wide selection of Indonesian traditional puppets for collectors, re-sellers and enthusiasts worldwide.
    Indonesian Arts Network - Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppets 
    Supplier of a wide selection of Indonesian traditional puppets for collectors, re-sellers and enthusiasts worldwide.
    Indonesian Puppets 
    Offers authentic Wayang Golek rod puppets and leather Wayang Kulit shadow puppets.
    Janray Puppets 
    Handmade marrionetes with one hand operation; dancing baby dragons, frogs, monkeys; conical rod puppets.
    Kamp Kreatures 
    Puppet Shows; activities for children; videos, and T-Shirts.
    Kenwood Puppets 
    Hand-made puppets; custom portrait puppets a specialty.
    Full body puppets. Based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
    Kritterville Puppets 
    Large selection of fun and creative animal and monster puppets.
    Large Selection of Bohemian Marionettes 
    Sanczere: A Collection of Czech Marionettes & Fine Bohemian Art
    Legends and Lore 
    Puppets, crafts, coloring pages, free stuff-fun stuff.
    Let Us Teach Kids 
    Offering full bodied puppets, finger puppets, hand puppets and animal puppet products.
    Making Friends Marionette Puppets 
    Whimsical cloth marrionette puppet patterns, kits and finished products for the young and young at heart. Beginners welcome.
    Marionette Puppets 
    Offering Wayang Golek rod puppets, shadow puppets, and marionettes.
    Marionettes and puppets by Bil Baird, Nick Swindin, and others.
    Marionettes in Venice 
    This site offers the handmade, marionette creations of Venetian artisan Roberto Comin, including special Venetian characters (plague doctor), commedia dell'arte characters (Punch, Colombina) and literary characters (Pinocchio, Othello, Cyrano de Berg
    Mastercraft Puppets 
    Includes books, video, and an assortment of themes.
    MAT Puppets 
    Soft sculpture puppets from creator Mary Ann Taylor. Figures are custom-made for ventriloquists and puppeteers.
    Miss Texann's Finger Puppets 
    Offering theme and religious finger puppets and accessories.
    Mr fun's Magic and Costumes 
    Mr. Fun's sells costumes, puppets, masks, makeup, magic, tricks, jokes, novelties, and juggling supplies to magicians, clowns, and the public.
    Noreen Young Productions Inc. 
    Puppet caricatures custom built. From Almonte, Ontario, Canada.
    Omle Media 
    A puppetry-oriented production company based in Toronto Canada. Designers and builders of puppet and animatronic characters for rent. International rentals availab.e
    Oncord Studio 
    One of a kind fantasy magical faerie marionettes dolls by artist Jan Cheesman. Stages are also available.
    P&T Puppet Theatre 
    Puppets, puppet videos, and puppet performances.
    Pakaluk Puppets 
    Hand puppets, rod puppets and ethnic puppets for elementary schools, bible classes, libraries, and the public.
    Paper Works 
    Papier-mache Puppets and Marionettes.
    Pat Brymer Creations 
    Creating professional hand puppets and costume characters for over seventeen years.
    Pat's Place Puppets 
    Puppets and marionettes made of yarn and wood.
    Pearl Mason Designs - Finger Puppets 
    Famed for Imagination and Innovation in creating fun and educational finger puppets.
    PetitChou Design 
    Includes catalog of products and contact information.
    Pop'n Puppets 
    Handmade, easy to animate hand puppets for kids. Custom orders available.
    Red and green unidentifiable animal marionettes.
    Bette Sherman's mail-order service with online shopping cart. Quality "Folkmanis" puppets.
    Puppet Artists 
    Individually designed hand sewn, soft-form sculptures range in scope from the portraits of real people to celebrity characters, to storybook characters, to fantasy characters, to animal characters.
    Puppet Books 
    A UK-based seller of new and used books on puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets and model theatre and puppet theatre design and animation. Includes owner profiles, list of products and contact information.
    Puppet Pals 
    Puppet store providing a wide range of quality and discounts. Full body puppets for children's ministry, youth programs, gifts plus Disney licensed characters.
    Puppet Pals 
    Offering hand, finger and full body rod style puppets and marionettes designed for use by teachers, therapists, churches and homes.
    Puppet Partners 
    Manufacturers of puppets, storybook characters, and professional role characters in various skin colors.
    Puppet Parts 
    A catalog of puppet parts for marionettes, hand and rod puppets.
    Puppet Patterns from 
    A variety of animal and character puppet patterns in various styles including talking, stuffed, hand and finger puppets.
    Puppet Productions Inc. 
    Manufacturer of professional puppets for church puppet ministry: thousands of scripts, hundreds of puppets; puppet-related materials, stages, programming, costumes.
    Puppet Terrors 
    Puppets With Problems, specializing in horrifying, handmade toys and props.
    Puppet World 
    A variety of knitted hand puppets, including animals and famous characters from films and television. 
    Symon Macintyre and Kim Bergsagel are designing and building puppets.
    Puppetry Pastimes 
    Quality puppets and marionettes from around the world. Large selection of puppets including hand crafted marionettes made to order.
    Puppets by Jackie Morgan 
    Puppets, puphats and wearable roadkill, plus one of a kind creations.
    Puppets by Margie 
    Hand and sock puppets in various themes.
    Puppets by Post 
    Offers puppets for professional and amateur. Products includes glove puppets, finger puppets, animal puppets, figurative puppets. Company information, list of products, uses in education, online ordering and conatct information.
    Puppets by Susan Cain 
    Showcase of unique handcrafted cloth puppets by artist Susan Cain.
    Puppets from Uncle Bob 
    Fine crafted puppets that are used by churches, educators, therapists, and puppet ministries. We offer full body, glove, and wrap-around puppets.
    Puppets N Marionettes 
    Offers puppets and marionettes in full body or glove including characters such as dog, cats, monkeys, people and religious.
    Puppets Now 
    Offering both human and animal puppets.
    Puppets ON A String 
    Marionettes ranging in size from 6" to 4'.
    Puppets on the Pier 
    Supplier of Folkmanis Puppets, cartoon and TV show figures, marionettes and ventriloquist puppets; stock items and old, rare, and unique items. Based in San Francisco, California.
    Puppets Unlimited 
    Over 100 styles: wrap-arounds, mouth and rod puppets.
    Puppets with Personality 
    Designer of puppet patterns and puppets.
    Renaissance Artist 
    Commercial and custom hand made puppets. Specializing in animals of all kinds.
    Rhyme & Reason Gallery 
    Custom-made marionettes by Joel Martone.
    Ruzica Marionettes 
    Handmade marionettes and puppets, over 130 to choose from.
    savy toys 
    savy toys are manufacturers of animal hand puppets focusing on endangered animals.
    Senitt Puppets 
    Large plush animal puppets. Also sells backpacks and shoulder bags with an animal theme.
    Silly Goose Toys 
    Toys, puppets, crafts, and gifts.
    An educational plush toy designed to help pre-schoolers develop their fine motor skills.
    Spectacular Dimensions 
    The artwork of Michael Baroto: Special Costumes, Puppets, Dolls and Illustration for the entertainment media.
    Stuffed Animals Wholesale 
    Delightful and imaginative hand and finger puppets, plush and stuffed animals wholesale priced plus other discount priced toys for creative, educational and fun playtimes.
    A collection of plush characters designed for adults to entertain children.
    The Lincoln Puppet Factory 
    Themed puppets for bible and family. Also stages, scripts, tapes and used items.
    The Puppet Factory 
    Educational and Bible study handpuppets.
    The Puppet Gallery 
    These puppets are hand crafted by Neal and Carolyn Kinney. Styles include hand puppets, full body hand puppets, rod puppets, string puppets, wrap arounds. They also sell stages.
    The Puppet Jungle 
    Carrying the complete line of Folkmanis animal and character puppets.
    The Puppet Place 
    Puppets from various manufacturers; Custom craft available.
    The Puppet Shoppe 
    Professional hand puppets in small and large sizes. Specializing in people puppets, with brightly colored costumes.
    Toy Adventure Zone 
    This site features a wide selection of animal hand puppets, finger puppets, character puppets and marionettes.
    Traditional wooden string puppets 
    String puppets, puppets for children, puppets for adults. David Leech is the sole supplier worldwide of the unique Enid Blyton's Original Noddy puppet.
    Ventriloquist Dummies, Vent Dolls, & Puppets 
    Ventriloquist dummies, ventriloquist dolls, ventriloquism books and videos, replacement parts, and magic sets. Backed by 50 years in the theatrical business.
    Hand-crafted wood ventriloquist figures; stock or custom figures.
    Welcome at KUMQUATS-USA 
    These puppets may be used in preschool, kindergarden, primary school, therapy, by pediatric dentists and by parents. Design Bodrik/Degro
    Wer? Wie? Was? 
    Shop for Sesame Street, Muppets, Snoopy/Peanuts, Maja the Bee. We also offer those beautiful Living Puppets. We ship to all countries!
    Wooden Marionettes 
    Offers a small selection of wooden puppets.
    World Puppets 
    Indonesian Puppets, Shadow Puppets, & Marionettes, featuring Wayang Golek rod puppets & marionettes.
    Yellow Elephant 
    Toys for building story-telling skills.