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    Bubba's News Server 
    Web interface requires free registration with credit card. Access to NNTP server provided with paid registration.
    Buzzard News 
    Web access to text-based newsgroups requires free subscription. NNTP access requires paid subscription. 
    Web based interface to database and other related usenet groups.
    Provides web access to automatically decoded and indexed binary files from Usenet. Access to their NNTP server is also provided. Paid subscription required.
    Free read-only access to text messages. Posting, automatic binary decoding, and NNTP access provided with paid membership. Can be configured to access external NNTP servers.
    Provides free web access to automatically decoded and indexed binary files from Usenet. Additional newsgroups and NNTP access require a paid subscription. Hosted in Europe.
    Free access using a framed interface. Posting is limited. Additional newsgroups added upon request. 
    Provides access to selected IT-related newsgroups. Site has additional features as well. Free registration required. 
    Provides web based access to over 30,000 newsgroups, including binaries. Requires a free subscription.
    Free access to a serveral newsgroup hierarchies. Hosted in Italy. International emphasis. 
    Uncensored and unfiltered Web and NNTP access. Paid subscription required. AOL/WebTV compatible. 
    Site allowing Web access to usenet news and a POP3 mailbox. 
    Provides anonymous, uncensored access to most Usenet newsgroups. Binary attachments are automatically decoded. Paid subscription required. 
    Web based subscription service that allows viewing of images posted to Usenet newsgroups. Offers both thumbnail and original size, and archive of all pictures and messages.
    Provides both web and NNTP access. Paid subscription required.
    Web access to Usenet, including reading, posting and subscriptions.
    Uncensored access to text-based newsgroups. NNTP access provided as well. Paid subscription required.
    Subscription service for web access to Usenet newsgroups. Free demo available. Service includes access to binary and adult groups.
    Provides free web access to selected newsgroups. Additional newsgroups and NNTP access require a paid subscription. 
    Selection of newsgroups related to Linux and programming. Search, browse and post. Also tutorials, docs, howtos, FAQs.
    Spider News 
    Provides web access, uncensored NNTP access, anonymous posting. Paid subscription required.
    Usenet News Server Club 
    Access to large number of groups via web or NNTP. Paid subscription required.
    USENET replayer 
    Web based tools to communicate via USENET: news resources archive, news server search, post and retrieve Usenet messages. Advertise products. Protect your reputation by canceling forgeries.
    Features the GPLed gateway between usenet and the web. A small collection of newsgroups is available, with extensive, searchable archive. Source code for the gateway can be downloaded from sourceforge project.
    NNTP access also available. Paid subscription required.