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    Australian Dairy Council 
    A recipe database which you can search by ingredients, classification, type of meal, or by any keyword.
    Better With Buttermilk 
    A feature article including history, culinary attributes, and recipes from buttermilk biscuits to crème fraîche ice cream.,12922,284670_294104,00.html
    Cookin' with Milk 
    All recipes feature milk, from the Got Milk? campaign.
    Dairy Council of Wisconsin Recipes 
    Features a wide variety of recipes using dairy products.
    Dairy Delicious Recipes 
    A recipe index featuring dairy products, from the Manitoba Milk Producers (Canada).
    Dairy Recipes from 
    Recipes collection for ice cream, yogurt, and desserts.
    Dairy Recipes from 
    Search for something in particular or browse dairy recipes by ingredient, cuisine, course or preparation. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information.
    EasiYo: Recipes 
    Recipes which can be made with homemade yogurt, or with store bought brands.
    Goat Cheese Recipes 
    From Redwood Hill Farms, recipes using goat cheese and goat milk yogurt.
    Milk Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth 
    Recipe for low fat blend, made with nonfat plain yogurt and low or nonfat cottage cheese, and for yogurt cheese which is made by draining yogurt through cheesecloth.
    Fun and educational site about cows and milk with facts, games, recipes, contests and merchandise.
    Oregon Dairy Council 
    A creative site with science-based nutrition news, award-winning nutrition resources and recipes.
    Yogurt Recipes 
    International yogurt recipes and how to make yogurt at home.