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    Guide to censorship issues, annotated links, from
    A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States 
    A selective on-line chronicle of popular music that has been censored, banned, suppressed, or altered against the wishes of its creators.
    Arizona newspaper web info on what was NOT published 
    Unique opportunity to see what is left out of newspapers through an innovative approach. These editors will show you what they did NOT print.
    Article 19 - the International Centre Against Censorship 
    Named after Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 works worldwide to combat censorship by promoting freedom of expression and access to official information through local partners and a global law program.
    Ban the Bible 
    A personal essay: the Christian Bible is just as controversial and inappropriate as, say, Harry Potter or The Catcher in the Rye.
    Banned Books On-Line 
    A list of some great works of literature that have been banned at some point.
    The history of censorship from ancient to contemporary.
    Censorship Alert by FACT 
    FACT - the First Amendment Cyber Tribute has compiled a list of censorship issues that challenge the First Amendment.
    Censorship Project 
    Ohio University's CALL Lab hosts this site with issues, definitions, annotated links about Censorship.
    Courage in Student Journalism Awards 
    Awards presented to five students who have "shown determination, despite difficulty and resistance, in exercising their First Amendment press rights".
    Independent site featuring up to date news and articles relating to film and video censorship which have recently appeared in the UK and International Media. Provides direct links to relevant articles from all publications and sources with varying op
    Disinformation is a search service for those seeking factual information on current affairs, politics and new science media stories. Features censored and 'hidden information' which has been mis-represented by corporate-owned media conglomerates.
    Equality in Florida 
    Ten Women Sue for Right to be topfree/topless in Brevard County Florida, seeking equality and liberty and equal rights via lawsuit against patriarchy. Please help support freedom.
    Feminists Against Censorship 
    Not all feminists support the censorship of sexual media - a look at feminists opposing censorship.
    Free Speech Coalition 
    Trade association for the adult entertainment industry. Includes news and legal information on censorship and freedom of expression.
    Freedom of Speech, Shielding Children, and Transcending Balancing 
    Prof. Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School provides intelligent review of major issues in "cyber law" and free speech.
    Games Censorship Collection 
    Provides a summary of issues and an annotated, critical bibliography relevant to Australian computer games censorship. Debates for and against computer games censorship.
    Index on Censorship 
    Covers news and issues related to freedom of expression throughout the world.
    Includes how to fight against censorship of Harry Potter and other censorship, censorship IQ test, participating bookstores, news, and membership form.
    Machine Age: FBI's Shutter Speed 
    The Monitor: FBI's Shutter Speed by Mark Boal. Subversive Filmmaker Attracts the Wrong Kind of Agent. [The Village Voice]
    Mark Twain on Book Banning: Huckleberry Finn to Eve's Diary 
    Mark Twain's responses to the banning of his books, expressed in letters and interviews.
    Mathaba Net's Censorship Links 
    Large number of web links on the issue of censorship, most but not all are in English. No annotations or explanations.
    Morality in Media 
    National interfaith organization established in 1962 to combat obscenity and to uphold decency standards in the media. MIM maintains the National Obscenity Law Center, a clearinghouse for legal materials on obscenity law.
    One Million Lies 
    Site opposes the American Family Association opinions on censorship of television.
    Philip Atkinson defines and explains civilization 
    He aims to give the subject a simplicity and clarity which is enhanced by utilising contemporary rather than historical evidence.
    Playing Around with Barbie Doll 
    Legal scholar explains how modern icons are unassailable because of corporate power to restrain others from publicly making fun of the symbols.
    Playwright fights censorship 
    World-renowned playwright, poet and artist Sarah Jones appealed the dismissal on procedural grounds of her censorship suit against the Federal Communications Commission. Jones sued the FCC because the commission branded one of her works "indece
    Political Correctness 
    An explanation of the nature, origin and impact of Political Correctness
    Project Censored 
    Explores and publicizes censorship in our society by locating important stories about which the public should be aware but is not, for one reason or another.
    Rock Out Censorship 
    Fighting censors of popular music. Contains information on the organization, lists 'friends' and 'enemies' of the fight, and outlines how you can help.
    September Morn 
    The story of how Harry Reichenbach tricked the smutbusting decency czar Anthony Comstock
    Taboo Or To View 
    Proposes reasons to fight UK censorship which they call, institutional hypocrisy. Cites examples of unfair treatment of individual selling adult films.
    The Anti-Pornography League 
    A group dedicated to the fight against pornography and its negative effects.
    The Evil Gamer 
    Dedicated to fighting censorship in all its forms, but especially in entertainment and hobbies.
    The File Room 
    This landmark work of digital art by Antonio Muntadas is an interactive database of cultural censorship throughout history.
    The Free Expression Policy Project 
    To provide empirical research and policy development on tough censorship issues and seek free speech-friendly solutions to the concerns that drive censorship campaigns.
    The Free Speech Rulebook 
    Jonathon Blumen provides thoughtful discussion about roots and current status of free speech.
    The Melon Farmers' Video Hits 
    Comprehensive anti-censorship site detailing cuts imposed by the BBFC in relation to films, videos and TV in the UK. Covers everything you need to know on the censorship of horror and pornography in the UK and explains duration and content of missing
    The Mind Police 
    Some opinions on censorship in the media, in particular when it comes to education.
    The National Coalition Against Censorship 
    NCAC aims to educate and mobilize the community against acts of censorship.