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Cabbagehead News 
Addressing media, wealth and power consolidation in the US, and focusing on the dissemination of information and resources for informed action. 
Magazine (print and online) dedicated to independent investigative journalism.
In Motion Magazine 
A multicultural, online U.S. publication about democracy, with sections on culture, politics, society and other topics. 
An online magazine devoted to understanding, reporting on, and acting upon issues of identity and community. Areas covered include belief, class, gender, physique, race, sexuality. 
News, sport, current affairs and Humanities portal. Site welcomes contributions, suggestions and any input. 
Reviews of hotels and restaurants, a list of institutions who will convey honors, degrees and certifications for fee and unusual news.
A journal where the internet community may publish their own news about several topics.
Raspberry Xpress 
A Canadian e-zine aiming for keeping a watchful eye on the social and political climate and issues in Canada and abroad.
A daily publication in favour of the earth, the inter-connectedness and interdependence of all life, democracy, liberty, and things that are life affirming.
SpinTech Magazine 
SpinTech is a monthly publication that challenges the popular wisdom in politics, culture, economics, and literature.
The adbusters magazine 
An anti-corporate, proactive magazine / movement concerned with the destruction and subversion of advertisements by big corporations.
Cultural criticism, politics, alternative news, legal analysis, sports, technology, and think green thoughts and recipes in a space that encourages open debate.
Universal Board 
News written by ordinary people for ordinary people from around the World.
A British E-zine with news, reviews, community and humour.