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Antipasti Recipes 
A collection of assorted antipasti recipes including vegetables, meat and seafood selections.
Appetizer from 
A collection of recipes divided into over a dozen various categories from antipasto to wraps and rolls.
Appetizer IQ 
Menu ideas and appetizer trends with McCain Moore's restaurant and menu planner.
Appetizer recipes 
A collection of appetizers, indexed alphabetically from aioli to zucchini.
Appetizer Recipes from AceZones 
Recipes for cheese, clams, coconut, crackers, dips, popcorn, sauce, side-dish, and wings. Uses the data base.
Appetizer Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens 
A selection of appetizer recipes including Hot Honeyed Spareribs and Stuffed Jalapenos.
Appetizer Recipes from Diana's Kitchen 
A large selection of party and holiday appetizer recipes. Includes some vegetarian choices.
Appetizer Recipes from 
Browse various recipes, including easy, party, and cold.
Appetizer Recipes from RecipeGal 
A large selection of appetizer recipes including fondues, dips, canapes, chicken wings and blooming onions.
Appetizer Recipes from RecipeSource 
A collection of nearly 1400 recipes with subcategories for cheese, chicken, and seafood appetizers, and wings.
Appetizer Recipes Recipezaar 
Browse and filter appetizer recipes by cuisine, main ingredient, preparation and more or search for something in particular, each with complete nutritional information.
A small collection of varied recipes from wontons or chicken wings, to meatballs and cauliflowers.
International appetizer recipes from The Herald Mail Cookbook, including caramelized onion focaccia, praline cheese balls and stuffed vine leaves.
A collection of sweet and savoury appetizers.
Appetizers and Salads 
Appetizer and salad recipes from chefs in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Appetizers and side dishes from Hub-UK 
An extensive range of recipes including king prawns with calvados and garlic, smoked eel with carrot salad and champagne oysters with tarragon.
Appetizers at FamilyTime 
A large selection of appetizers recipes, and the possibility of printing out a shopping list for the ingredients required.
Appetizers from 
A list of simple appetizers arranged alphabetically
Appetizers from Fine Dining 
Collection of recipes including Stuffed Green Olives and Petite Parmesan Baskets. Some recipes with photographs.
Appetizers from New Orleans 
A list of cajun and creole appetizers concentrating mainly on seafood
Appetizers from Special Flavors 
Small selection of recipes from simple vegetables and dip to whipped eggplant, or paté.
Appetizers from Your Cookbook 
A fairly large and quite varied collection of recipes. You can also publish your favorite food recipes in the online cookbook and share them with other users.
Appetizers Q and A 
Volunteer chefs answer questions about appetizer recipes, for free. Presented by
BIGG Superstore - Appetizers 
A selection of appetizers from buffalo wings to vegetarian mushrooms.
Choppy's Appetizer Recipes 
Several cheese ball recipes, and a few other appetizers.
Cold Appetizers from Recipe Goldmine 
Collection of recipes includes dips, spreads and molds.
Dip Recipes Archive 
A collection of dip recipes from the Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. Many from usenet group.
Escargot Ello's Recipes 
Seven recipes for escargot (snails), including directions for cooking the escargot before adding it to any recipe.
Fried Dill Pickles 
Pickles covered in batter and fried. Makes about 8 servings as an appetizer or side dish.
Gourmet Appetizers 
A collection of appetizers from international cuisines.
Greek Appetizers 
Collection of Greek appetizer recipes for all occasions.
Helen's Crabbies 
An easy appetizer recipe loved by the listeners of Bob Allison's Ask your Neighbor radio program.
Hors d'Oeuvre Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart 
Recipes such as African Chicken Livers, Camembert Stuffed with Shrimp, Frosted Cheese and Fruit, Jalapeno Cocktail Pie, Smoked Salmon Cheesecake, and Sweet Potato Balls.
Hot Appetizers from Recipe Goldmine 
Collection of recipes includes dips, balls and wraps.
Hot Swiss and Ham Dip 
Fast recipe using lowfat Swiss cheese, ham, mayonnaise and mustard, making two cups.
Maikai Rewards Recipe 
Handful of interesting recipes such as sesame tomato dipping sauce, or smoked salmon and spinach avocado roll.
Manitoba Milk Producers: Appetizers 
Three tortilla recipes and one for grilled vegetable dippers and Dijon mustard dip.
Mega-zine Appetizer Recipes 
A directory of appetizers from African red dip with shrimp to Zucchini Hors D'oeuvres
Metropark Recipes: Appetizers 
A selection of recipes including prosciuttio, baba ghanoush, brandy baked brie and roasted garlic.
Mexican Appetizer and Dip recipes 
Constantly updated recipes for guacamole, quesadillas, chili con queso, nachos and taco dips.
Mushroom Quesadillas from 
Fast recipe making sixteen servings, using roast beef and provolone cheese.
Peake Appetizers 
Recipes using duck or mussels. Includes accompaniments.
Perfect Entertaining 
Searchable collection of appetizers which are also indexed and coded as quick, easy, less than five ingredients, make ahead, low fat, low carb, and vegetarian.
Ranch Flavored Oyster Crackers Mix 
Oyster crackers, fish crackers, and nuts flavored by a coating of dressing mix, herbs and spices.
Robbie's Appetizer Recipes 
Crab Rangoon, Deviled Eggs, Guacamole, Buffalo Wings, Layered Pizza Dip, Bloomin' Onion, Philly Cheese Ball, Spinach Dip, and Onion Ring Loaf.
Scrumptious Appetizers and More 
From the cookbook of the same name, this site features recipe of the month, and table setting and menu ideas.
Snail Cooking 
Preparation of escargot, and recipes for three appetizers.
The Snack Shack 
A collection of snack recipes such as wings, dips, spreads, cheeses, and seafood.
Turkey Appetizer Recipes 
Recipes for appetizers, including uses for ground turkey and turkey leftovers from Norbest.
Turmeric Oyster Crackers 
A simple appetizer made by basting crackers then heating them in the microwave. From RecipeSource. 
A small collection of recipes.
Vernalisa's Christmas Appetizers 
Meat balls, sausages in a blanket, cheese balls, and hot spinach dip are some of the selections you will find here.
When Pigs Fly Appetizers 
Made with pork chops, honey, and spices. From Great Recipes Online.
Zeppole with Anchovy 
Simple recipe for anchovies wrapped in dough; makes sixteen pieces.,6255,14386,00.html