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    Specialties and novelty items include ring watches, ashtrays, key-rings, handcuffs, rocket lighters, and cufflinks. Australian site ships Internationally.
    Antcow Gifts 
    Humorous housewares, gift items, and magnets.
    Boomer Humor 
    A selection of T-shirts and mugs.
    Offers high-tech gadgets, games, tricks, housewares and puzzles.
    Buckbean's Novelties 
    Jewelry, toys, cups and glasses, smoking items, bathroom, and sports related.
    Celebrity Standups 
    Lifesize card board cutouts of cows, celebrities and seasonal items.
    Includes banks, slot machines, posters and kitchenware.
    Cool Stuff Cheap 
    Lava lamps, leatherman tools, lite cubes, and flashlights.
    Despair, Inc. 
    Offers clothes, stationery and prints promoting laziness, idiocy and dissatisfaction.
    Dick Lexic - Product of a Misspelt Yoof! 
    Greetings cards, posters and postcards, novelty mousemats, fridge magnets, keyrings, mugs, shot glasses and toiletries.
    Discounts Closeouts 
    Offers collector items, party favors, novelty gift items, and convenience store counter displays at discount prices.
    Evolve Fish 
    Offers the ever popular Darwin Fish and other secular items.
    Glow in the dark hanging baskets, Christmas decorations, banks, beads, trees, and angel products.
    Novelty items like refillable light sticks and gel pens.
    Gamblers Products 
    Gambling themed clothing, mugs, bumper stickers and bingo products.
    Iko Iko 
    Unusual jewelry, games, and beauty supplies. NZ site delivers internationally. 
    Offers novelty keychain sculptures, t-shirts, jewelry, antenna balls, and stickers.
    Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness 
    Dedicated to eyeballs, brains, insects, Jell-O, Godzilla, and other oddities. Includes gift shop and online ordering.
    Patriotism on the Move 
    Vehicle striping in patriotic colors; anti-terrorism clothing and bumper stickers.
    Offering an electronic word clock art to inspire, confuse and excite.
    Ring of Fire Enterprises 
    Darwin fish, Gefilte fish, sharks, and other statements of self-expression, with and without religious or anti-religious messages, on plaques, mugs, and T-shirts.
    Strange Treasures 
    Offering skull necklaces, rave party lights, unusual toys, micro carvings and fake bank notes. 
    Offers candy, weird gifts, silly jokes and games.
    TwinkieŽ Shop 
    Official Hostess Twinkie merchandise, including: shirts, stationery, and toys.
    Unamerican Activities 
    Sells a line of mugs, T-shirts, stickers, buttons, and other merchandise featuring radical and antiestablishment messages. 
    Features books, movies, t-shirts and candy with amusing twists.
    Y-Que Trading Post 
    Offers pop culture and novelty t-shirts, toys, gadgets, books, stickers, lamps and other lifestyle items.