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aus.* Newsgroup Administration 
Provides the definitive list of all newsgroups in aus.* (Australia) including charters, voting instructions and information on creation of new aus.* newsgroups.
The California Usenet Project is an effort to coordinate the ca.* hierarchy (California, United States). Lists of newsgroups, charters, and plans.
Information for news administrators about the dk.* hierarchy (Danish newsgroups), including public PGP key, current checkgroups message and archived control messages.
International newsgroups hierarchy for topics covering the continent of Europe.
List of sites carrying italia.* hierarchy (regional/local groups within Italy; it.* is for other Italian groups). Config files for your newsserver. Complete listing of all newsgroups in the italia.* hierarchy their charters.
One of the hierarchies for Japan (along with fj.*). Checkgroups, sample control.ctl entry, policies.
New Jersey, United States. Rules, checkgroups, administration, list of groups.
Regional Newsgroup Hierarchies 
From Dan Kegel. Lists various hierarchies, including some for which there is just an (old) checkgroups, rather than an official web page.
South Bay (San Jose and nearby areas, about 50 miles south of San Francisco), California, United States. Charters, policies, group list.
Information for news administrators about the se.* hierarchy (Swedish), including public PGP key and current checkgroups message. How to create groups in the se.* hierarchy and how to get a feed. The deal with swnet.* (an old Swedish hierarchy).
Policies, lists of groups for us.* (United States).
Usenet II 
The net.* hierarchy is based on the concept of "sound sites". The goal is to create a new Usenet as free as possible from spam and other maladies.
Usenet Volunteer Votetakers 
Group that administers the votes used in the Big 8 hierarchy to decide whether to create a newsgroup. Policies, vote-counting software, and status on current/upcoming/recent votes. The Big 8 is comp.*, humanities.*, misc.*, news.*, rec.*, sci.*,
wales.* hierarchy 
Hierarchy for Wales, in the United Kingdom. Information about the committee which runs wales.*. Policies, lists of groups, frequently asked questions.