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A Modern Herbal: Quince 
Recipe for marmalade, jelly, and quince and apple marmalade.
Are You Too Busy To Eat Healthy? 
Information provided by Ohio State University Extension explaining that even people with busy lifestyle, can find that fruit and vegetable are convenient and healthy foods. Fruits 
Includes interesting information on the benefits of eating fruits.
Braised Leeks from Hugs's Homeheart 
Braised in chicken broth and sugar, with a little canola oil.
Celery Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth 
Two recipes for stewed celery, one with herbs.
Durian Recipe Gallery 
Selection of durian recipes, some in English some in Malay.
Fruit Spread 
Made with ricotta cheese, cream cheese, toasted almonds, brown sugar, dried apricots, dates, and cinnamon.
Just Fruit Recipes: Guava 
A small collection of recipes which includes sorbet, fool, pies, dressing, jelly, daiquiri, and cake.
Just Fruit Recipes: Nectarine 
Smoothies, marmalades, yogurt, creme fraiche, and relish are only a few of the recipes you will find in this small collection.
Just Fruit Recipes: Plum 
Plum butter, pudding, sauce, pies, jelly, compote, and kuchen are a sample of the recipes presented in this collection.
Kitchen helper - Unusual Vegetables 
Pictures and descriptions of unusual vegetables and fruits.
Mount Gisborne Cherry Recipes 
A collection including pies, jams, and liqueurs. Provides information on storing and preserving.
The prepared pads of the prickly pear cactus. Information about this traditional Mexican food, including history, how to buy, prepare, store, cook, and photographs.
Olive Recipes 
Recipes for curing olives and Tuscan recipes using olive oil, plus links to other sites with olive and olive oil recipes.
Pomelo; Pommelo from GourmetSleuth 
Ancestor to the common grapefruit. Includes photographs, recipes, nutrition, culinary and medicinal uses.
Roasted Root Vegetables with Apple Juice 
Makes eight servings. Nutritional information and recipe scaling available.
Safe Handling of Fruits and Vegetables 
Information provided by Ohio State University Extension. 
Recipes, events, festivals and health benefits.
Stewed Celery 
Recipe in Meal-Master format for a vegetable dish containing celery, butter and rih cream, at Hug's Homehearth-Food Kitchen Pages.
Stewed Celery with Herbs 
Recipe in Meal-Master format for a vegetable dish containing celery, milk and cream cheese, at Hug's Homehearth-Food Kitchen Pages.
A member of the Brassica family of vegetables. Includes facts, cooking suggestions, and contact information.
The Fruit Pages 
Offers information about fruit, including history, storage, uses, varieties, and nutritional values.
The Rhubarb Compendium 
Everything you ever wanted to know about rhubarb, including more than 300 rhubarb recipes.
The Rhubarb Gourmet 
Recipes, rhubarb tales, cookbook information.
Tropical Fruits 
Tips on selection and use of a variety of tropical fruits.
Vegetable Jumble 
Quick combination of prepared spinach, corn, and beans, with a variety of seasoning and ingredient options.
Vegetarian Lasagne 
Uses carrots, spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, and cheeses.
Semi vegetarian cuisine and the story behind it.
Watch Your Garden Grow - Radish 
Tips and information on growing radishes, and a few recipes.
Watch Your Garden Grow - Rhubarb 
Recipe for rhubarb and strawberry topping to use on baked goods, fruit or yogurt. Also information on successfully growing it in your garden.
We All Scream for Ice Cream 
Recipes for frozen treats such as apple pie frozen or banana frozen yogurt, strawberry sorbet, or watermelon ice, all of which can be made without an ice cream maker.