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    ASC Partner Group 
    Specializes in information technology and management consulting. Provides technical change management and network infrastructure consulting.
    ATM S.A. 
    Specializes in development of telecommunication networks, computer security, IT infrastructure management and provides broadband telecommunication services.
    CERT Polska 
    The Computer Emergency Response team. Deals with security-related incidents within Polish computer networks.
    Mroczek IT 
    A department of information technologies of Mroczek s.c. Provides Internet services and software development.
    Softbank S.A. 
    Produces software for banking and financial services sectors.
    Teleca (Poland) Sp. z o.o. 
    The Polish subsidiary of the Teleca group, supplier of software engineering services.
    The Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) 
    Provides Internet connection, data communication and network security services to the Polish scientific and academic community. Administers the domains register in the .pl zone.
    TPC Komputery 
    Distributes and manufacture computers and peripherals.
    Young Digital Poland 
    Operating in the interactive software market since 1990, primarily as a creator of language learning software and other educational software packages.