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    Careers in Theoretical Biology 
    Guidance brochure for high school and undergraduate students. Defines theoretical biology, gives examples of its application, and provides advice on preparing for a career in the field.
    Claus Emmeche 
    Home page of a theoretical biologist with general interests in Philosophy of Nature, Philosophy of Science, and Science Studies, and research interests in artificial life and theoretical biology. Links to online papers, other resources, and to the Ce
    David Liley 
    Home page of a theoretical neurobiologist at Swinburne University of Technology. Papers on theoretical models of the mammalian electroencephalogram and related lecture notes (medical imaging, physiological modeling).
    Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University 
    The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Department carries out research in a wide range of areas across evolution and ecology. Areas of particular interest include molecular evolution, behavioural ecology, the dynamics of communities and populatio
    Honig Lab at Columbia University 
    Research combines computational biophysics and bioinformatics to aid in understanding the structural, physical, and chemical basis of a wide range of biological phenomena, with a focus on protein structure and function. Includes publications list and
    Molecular Information Theory 
    The theory of molecular machines from the NIH Laboratory of Computational and Experimental Biology.
    Program in Theoretical Biology, Institute for Advanced Study 
    The Program in Theoretical Biology has many diverse interests, including immunology and virology, the evolution of language, evolutionary genomics, epidemiology, the evolution of cancer and the evolution of cooperation and fairness.
    Random Variations to Biological Choice 
    Philosophical speculations on physics and biology.
    Santa Fe Institute 
    SFI draws scientists from universities and research institutions world-wide to pursue broad research problems. Much of the work focuses on the science of complexity (emergence), which examines underlying patterns and regularities behi
    Short Courses on the Mathematics of Biological Complexity 
    Three short courses will be held at the University of Tennessee to give biologists a rapid introduction to the mathematical and computational topics appropriate for understanding current research in biological complexity.
    Theoretical Biology and Biophysics (T-10) 
    The Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group (T-10) at Los Alamos National Laboratory focuses on the modeling of biological systems and the analysis and informatics of molecular and cellular biological data.
    Theoretical Biology at Utrecht University, Netherlands 
    Formal models in ecology, spatial pattern formation, (molecular) evolution, immunology, and ethology. Formalisms range from mathematical models, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, to discrete-event individual-oriented simulation models. Bioinf
    Theoretical Biology Groningen 
    Our research focusses on competition and natural selection, more specifically evolutionary game theory, life history theory, sexual selection, sex allocation, metapopulation genetics, resource competition, and interference competition.
    University of Lund 
    Department of Theoretical Ecology. Members, teaching and research.
    University of Vienna 
    Department of Theoretical Biology. Research groups and resources.
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
    Department of Theoretical Biology. A do-it-yourself online course in 'methods in theoretical biology' and yearly organised online courses on the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory of the development and growth of organisms.