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2 and 3D programming 
Offers software solutions ranging from simple virtual tour software for the real estate industry to 3D technology for the oil and gas industry.
3D API Information Page 
Information on Direct3D, OpenGL, Fahrenheit, Java 3D API.
A Human's Eye View: Motion Blur and Frameless Rendering 
"This paper explores this motion blur and its relationship to: camera open shutter time, current computer graphics motion-blur implementations, temporally anti-aliased images, and the Human Visual System's (HVS) motion smear quality." Pub
Algorithmic Art Room 
A collection of algorithmic art using original Java applets.
Andre Gueziec Home Page 
Papers, Online Demos, Free 3D Models, relating to Andre Gueziec's research on Shape Simplification and Compression, and Image Registration.
Bas Kuenen Computer Graphics Research 
Projects, tutorials and links on multiple 3D engines, landscape rendering, physics animation and game development.
Find article, coding techniques, news, and interviews relating to Graphics and (more generally) to Game programming.
Geo informational system 
Dynamic models of real objects that may be used for the development of any functional and visual models of the real world.
Graphics and Physics Coding 
Source of news to the real time graphics programming community.
Graphics Gems Repository 
Free code repository for the 5 volume set of books on various computer graphics programming techniques.
Graphics in Assembler 
Graphics art using assembly language and source code.
Graphics Languages Tutorials 
Common fundamentals of graphics programming. OpenGL, Java3D and graphics programming in Delphi, C++ and Java.
Graphics Notes 
Topic papers on computer graphics maintained by the faculty and students of the Computer Graphics Group, Computer Science Department, at UC Davis.
Company specializing in advanced C++ applications including 3D graphics, neural networks, speech recognition, texture and colour classification.
Linux Demo Scene 
Code examples of a number of graphics effects.
Ninja Cross 
Programming and game development projects including screen shots and source code.
PC Game Programmer's Encyclopedia 
PCGPE is a compilation of numerous aspects of game programming in MS-DOS.
Offers pascal sources, tutorials, links and java applets.
Romka Graphics 
Computer graphics theory and practice, OpenGL and program development.
Site for OpenGL programming in Java, Gl4Java and C++.
Swap-Meet is an interactive 3D community, composed primarily of NeMo Dev or Creation users.
Texture Synthesis 
An attempt to collect any and all information and WWW links related to Procedural Texture Synthesis.
The Programming Reservoir 
Website dedicated to 2D, 3D and game programming.
Thomas Mølhave 
3D graphics programming with C++ tips including scaling, rotation and transformations.
Visual Basic Games and Graphics 
Visual basic graphics, animation and activex games.
Win Design 
3D graphics programming with PowerRender and C++.
Win95 Game Programmer's Encyclopedia 
Win95GPE is a resource with code for windows graphics, palettes, and dibs.
Examples in C and Pascal on portal engine rendering, raytracing, and loading .3ds files.