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    A Page Devoted to the Great Cheese-Dip 
    Cheese dip and fondue recipes as well as a few miscellaneous recipes, all very cheesy.
    Alpine Lace Recipes 
    Low fat and reduced fat recipes featuring Alpine Lace cheeses.
    Art of Cheese Recipes 
    Recipes featuring cheese for appetizers through desserts. Also offers advice on choosing wine to compliment cheese.
    Basic Cheese Spread 
    Simple recipe using ricotta and cream cheese. Can be made into a savory spread by adding finely chopped green bell pepper, minced cucumber, minced green onion, parsley, paprika, grated lemon peel, and salt and pepper to taste.
    Betty's Recipes from Betty Crocker 
    A collection of over 50 lunch recipes using different types of cheese, from cheese soup, to vegetable frittata.
    Cheese Dips and Spreads from 
    Recipes for cheese balls, cold or hot dips, cold or hot spreads, fondue, fruit or vegetable dips, and nacho and taco dips.
    Cheese Recipes 
    Features several cheese soup recipes, but has other recipes as well.
    Cheese Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth 
    Cheese souffle, salad, fried goat cheese cigars, and rarebits with beer.
    Cheese Recipes from Recipezaar 
    From "Velveeta Cheese Fudge" to "Leek, Tomato and Goat Cheese Pizza" browse 170+ cheese recipes, each with complete nutritional information. Use search to find something in particular.
    Cheese Sauces and Fondue Recipes 
    1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook offers a small index of cheese sauces, fondues, and dips.
    Information site on world cheeses. The World Cheese Index is a database with pictures as well as information on individual cheeses.
    Cottage Cheese Recipes 
    A large collection of recipes featuring cottage cheese.
    Cougar Cheese Recipes 
    Recipes, from gourmet to quick and easy, featuring Washington State University's cheeses.
    Brand name recipes with Italian flavors.
    Goats Cheese and Potato Fritters 
    Feta cheese can be substituted for goat's in this recipe which also uses spring roll sheets.
    I Love Cheese! Recipes 
    Cheese recipes for appetizers, finger foods and family meals by featured chefs. Find dinner plans for the family and the cook who loves cheesy food. Some recipes feature color photos of the finished dish.
    Joseph Farms Cheese 
    Index of over 20 dinner recipes featuring cheese.
    Kefir Cheese 
    Fresh cheese making recipes using kefir.
    Macaroni and Cheese Recipes from 
    History and several recipes for this all-American favorite, including a recipe from the 1800s.
    Maytag Blue Cheese Dip 
    Recipe for making a dip with Maytag Blue Cheese, cream cheese, sour and heavy cream.
    Month of Meals 
    A month of meal ideas, all recipes use cheese. From Kraft Kitchens.
    A small collection of recipes featuring Parmigiano-Reggiano.
    Polenta with Three Scoops of Cheese and Sautéed Shiitakes 
    A warm, soft polenta covering mascarpone, ricotta, and parmesan cheeses, topped with shiitake mushrooms, sautéed with garlic.
    Recipe for poutine, the french fries, cheese, and gravy dish that is a favorite in Canada.
    Recipes from the Sonoma Cheese Factory 
    Recipes using Teleme, dry Jack and classic Monterey Jack cheese.
    Recipes With Cheese 
    A large variety of recipes, mostly Mexican, using cheese.
    Roquefort Société 
    Information on the origins of Roquefort and the legend that surrounds it.
    Sargento Recipe Central 
    Recipes searchable by type of cheese, course, cuisine, and a few other options. Offers recipe box service.
    Stilton Cheese 
    The official site for Stilton blue cheese from England. Features recipes for Stilton, tips on cutting and storage, and history of Stilton cheese.
    The American Cheese Society 
    Click on the recipes link for a small index of cheese recipes.
    Tofu Cheese Souffle 
    Recipe using tofu as a substitute for a healthy dish.
    Vella Cheese Recipes 
    Recipes featuring Monterey Jack cheese.
    Yorkshire Cheese Recipes 
    Four recipes using cheese: Yorkshire Feta Stuffed Aubergine (eggplant) Shells; Watercress and Yorkshire Blue soup; Farmhouse Savoury and Cheddar cheesecake.