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Christian Accountants 
International friendship network of Christian accountants, auditors, MBAs, finance and tax professionals.
Faith and Work: An Introspective Approach 
Learn how faith may be applied in three areas of the workplace: ones place of service, managing human resources and overcoming adversity.
Faith at Work (NZ): Resourcing Christians to connect faith and work 
Resources related to career, life planning, theology of work, everyday spirituality, marketplace ethics and mission of laity from a Christian perspective.
Megan R. McDonough Company 
Megan McDonough is a business yogi who helps people work with ease using introspective yoga techniques and provides marketing services to holistic health centers.
Spirit Connections 
Provides products and services that uplift the spirit in the workplace.Services include corporate gifting and recognition, unique promotional items, office decoration, keynotes, workshops, and energetic support.
Spirit in Conflict 
Through four interviews, explores how people who work with conflict find and identify a spiritual foundation for their work.
Spirituality At Work 
Business professionals who wish to awaken their spirituality at work so their workplaces may be transformed into life-giving environments. - Career / Workplace 
Read and discuss how spirituality can be lived in the workplace. Learn how universal spiritual ideas empower you and bring meaning to work. Inspired by the ideas of Christian Science.;jsessionid=EBYJKD4A5ANK1KGL4I1CFEQ
Vincentian Center for Spirituality and Work 
Community-based nonprofit organization addressing the value of work and the role that spirituality plays in people's work lives.
Work's Alive 
Helping workers and industry reach their creative potential. Site includes articles on practising spirituality in the workplace.
Workplace Spirituality 
Explores spirituality in the workplace and its impact on business, the workplace, and workers. Addresses career choices, personal spiritual practices, business ethics, and economic justice issues.