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    IRIC: Institute for Research on Intercultural Cooperation 
    Research institute co-founded in 1980 by Geert Hofstede, located at Tilburg University since 1998, performing research on the basic dimensions of national cultures and the consequences for management and policy issues.
    Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences 
    Information about the institute, governance, activities and emloyees. Zagreb, Croatia.
    Max Planck Institute for Human Development 
    A multidisciplinary research institute dedicated to the study of processes of human development and education and their evolutionary, social, historical, and institutional contexts. Features news, publications and staff profiles.
    The Bauu Institute 
    Specialises in social science research, publishing, and other needs; offering services in research, database design and maintenance, graphic design, GIS mapping, and other areas for the social science, American Indian, and business communities.