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Circadian Technologies 
Optimizing the 24/7 workforce via schueduling and training. Shift work schedules and lifestyle education to minimize risk and decrease costs.
Circadian Technologies Ltd. 
U.K. based company specializing in shift work schedules and shiftworker lifestyle training. Minimising risk, and reducing costs.
Coping with Shiftwork 
Understanding your 'biological clock' helps you cope with shiftwork.
IDS - European Working Time Directive 
COUNCIL DIRECTIVE No 93/104/EC of 23 November 1993 concerning certain aspects of the organisation of working time
International Association for Time Use Research 
The International Association for Time-Use Research aims to be a scientific organization that fosters exchange of ideas dealing with time use. Various links to national and international research including one on the "24 hour society."
LightsOut! Sleep Mask 
The sleep mask used by NIH researchers in light deprivation studies. Aids shift workers in daytime sleep; relieves migraine pain; offers peaceful sleep for travelers
Night Owl Network 
Articles, online forums, and other resources for people working shiftwork.
Night Shift Initiative 
Serving needs of the shiftwork community -- shiftworkers, their families, and their employers.
Night Writer Online Magazine 
A forum for insomniacs, shift workers, and other night owls. It includes news, information, and entertainment presented by and for night people.
Shift Work and Shift Lag 
What is shift lag, who gets shift lag, and how to reduce it.
Shiftwork Benchmarking Institute 
Shiftwork safety, health and scheduling resources. Center for world-wide research.
ShiftWork Consultants 
A full service consulting company that provides tools for improving employee wellness and productivity in 24 hour operations.
Shiftwork Solutions - Shift schedules and shift work operations management. 
Commercial company providing shiftwork consulting services (U.S. & Australia).
Shiftwork Systems, Inc. 
Circadian Lighting Systems utilize biological principles developed at Harvard University to provide physiological adaptation to night work.
Time-Use Conference 
A conference cosponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the MacArthur Network on the Family and the Economy November 20-21, 1997. Presentation write-ups and useful network links.
Working Nights 
Circadian Technologies WEB publications' site provides salient information for night-shift workers and managers.