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    Campaign for US Base Clean Up 
    Network of organizations and individuals working to clear U.S. military toxics and for bases clean up in the Philippines.
    Defense Environmental Network and Information eXchange 
    DENIX provides information, communication and collaboration services to US Department of Defense environmental personnel, state regulatory and educational environmental offices, the environmental international community, and the general public.
    Environmental Change and Security Project 
    ECSP is part of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Publications explore issues of environment, population, and security.
    Environmental Impacts of War 
    Discusses the environmental repercussions of military action. The weapons used by either side undoubtedly cause damage to local environments.
    Environmental War Desk 
    Primer and FAQ on environmental war. Information about HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) using high-powered radio transmissions. Designed to control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surv
    Environmental Warfare 
    Provides a chapter from Unless Peace Comes by Gordon J. F. MacDonald.
    Environmental Warfare: 1991 Persian Gulf War 
    Analysis of environment pre/post war by professor Paul R. Baumann, Department of Geography, State University of New York.
    Military Toxics Project 
    Provide resources in the struggle to clean up military pollution, safe-guard the transportation of hazardous materials, and to advance preventative solutions to the toxic and radioactive pollution caused by military activities.
    Oil Trenches And Environmental Destruction in Kuwait 
    Information about a publication of the Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait.
    Somalia Environmental Protection and Anti-desertification Organisation (SEPADO) 
    A voluntary Non-governmental Organization,formed during the summer of 1996 to combat environmental problems of the war-torn Somalia.
    The Environment and Military Strategy 
    Col. Richard Fisher article in U.S. Air Force's Air & Space Power Chronicles. Recommends that adverse environmental effects from war should be minimized and that strategic force planning apply an environmentally responsible force.
    The Military and the Environment 
    Videos from the Center for Defense Information (CDI) about the military and the environment. Includes photos, transcripts and related links.
    Toxic Nazi Legacy Threatens Europe 
    Report of concern about German chemical weapons dumped off Danish coast by Britain after the second world war start leaking into seas.
    U.S. Army Environmental Center 
    Department of the Army located on the Aberdeen Proving Ground. Provide information on US environmental restoration programs.
    UNEP Balkans 
    United Nations Environment Programme is conducting environmental assessments and clean-up in Albania, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
    UNEP Post-Conflict Assessment Unit 
    United Nations body with specialized environmental expertise work in areas of the world where the natural and human environment has been damaged as a consequence of conflict. Information on current activities, maps, publications, press and photos.