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Architectural Neutral Distribution Format (ANDF) 
A software porting technology, intended to help develop shrink-wrapped software for open systems, independent of any particular processor architecture.
Architectures and Compilers to Support Reconfigurable 
Reconfigurable computing: why and how? Article published in Crossroads, the ACM student magazine.
Bloodshed Software - Compilers resources 
Links to free compilers (with sources), compiler construction toolkits, tutorials and articles, and other compiler related sites.
Catalog of Free Compilers, Interpreters, and Other Language Tools 
Searchable listing of programming language tools that come with source code.
comp.compiler Archives 
Archive of newsgroup, 1992 to 1998, with search.
comp.compilers newsgroup home page 
Complete searchable archive of all messages since 1986, FAQ, directories of tools and resources
Compiler Jobs 
Compiler job openings at companies and universities. 
Directory, search engine of compiler-related sites. People, books, papers, publishers, decompiling, generators (scanner, parser, backend), translators, compiler compilers, courses, tutorials, library, FAQ, free, companies, tools, mail list, survey/po
Context Programming Language 
By Andrei Khohklov. Simple programming language and compiler with source codes and sample programs. Russian, basic English. [Open Source]
Free Compilers and Interpreters 
List of free compilers and interpreters for programming languages with descriptions.
Let's Build a Compiler 
Let's Build a Compiler, by Jack Crenshaw, multi-part tutorial on compiler construction
Links and Selected Readings for Compiler Writers 
GCC extending specific literature, processor chips documentation, collected papers/sites on language standards, compilers, optimization.
Automated compiler performance analysis tool uses a QA approach of coverage and isolation to measure the effectiveness of a compiler optimizer to perform a wide range of optimizations. 
Goal: collect, organize, disseminate information on all aspects of program transformation to share results across communities. TWiki collaborative Web development system with descriptions, news, surveys, papers, links, more.
Softpanorama Bookshelf / Compiler Construction 
Reviews of compiler books, with links to Amazon just in case you want to buy one
Supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontroller and digital signal processors applications across industry standard computing platforms.
The Compiler Connection 
A comprehensive listing of compiler companies, compiler research projects, benchmarks, and compiler job listings.
The Decompilation Page 
Resources, history and timeline, discussion of approaches, ethics, more.
The Tutorial Page 
Compiler tutorial series developed in C++. An 80x86 compiler for a new language BAH is implemented from the ground up. Descriptions, downloads, readings. By Donalies Technological Solutions.
Tools for compiling 
LL(1) parser generator, implentations of Euler, and Backus' FP, all written in Icon.
Turbo Pascal 3.0 compiler and code generation internals 
Internals of one-pass compiler by example Pascal compiler.
Web-based Compiler 
A web based compiler which compiles Tiny language into JVM instruction set.