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    9164 Links on OO / Mobile Agents 
    An excellent mobile agent metasite with a wealth of pointers to tutorials, FAQs, mailing lists, other link collections, articles, books, resources, software and libraries.
    A Gentle Introduction to Agents 
    This is a tutorial on agents with particular emphasis on applications in the telecommunications industry. Artificial Intelligence Guide 
    Examine the history, uses and consequences of AI. Beginners can learn the basics here while researchers can access extensive technical resources. Formerly known as the Mining Co. AI Guide.
    Agent Process Interaction Language (April) 
    April is a symbolic, distributed programming language designed for writing distributed applications, particularly agent-based and multi-agent systems 
    BotKnowledge is a collection of web pages on intelligent software agents, knowbots, and bots. - Bot and Intelligent Agent Designers, Developers and Consulta 
    Creators and Developers of Bots and Intelligent Agents for the Internet, Intranets and Extranets. Let, Inc. consult and/or build your next corporate or personal bot and intelligent agent.
    Eager is an intelligent agent that assists users in performing repetitive tasks.
    Eliza's Brain 
    A Perl based framework to develop your own chatterbot, that can run on any platform. Included is IRC and CGI modules.
    Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents 
    Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
    Intelligent Agent Resources 
    A good resource for Agent-related items on the web.'s BotSpot 
    A great resource for agent & bot programming
    UMBC Agent Web 
    A collection of web pages on intelligent software agents, knowbots, KQML, SATP, active information integration and agent-oriented systems
    A bot for systems programmed in C for Windows and Linux.