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    A-Flow v3.0 
    A software development and authoring tool suitable for creating a wide range of Windows applications without having to write code.
    Astera Software Business Solutions 
    Astera develops custom software using its proprietary Centerprise Framework.
    Brglez 1TV Slovenia, Polzela, Prebold, Braslovce, Tabor... 
    Bostjan Brglez, s.p. home page data restore, programming, local TV station, digital video editing
    Concentus - The Process Engine People 
    Software to help you build your e-business, e-commerce, and integration solutions.
    COOL:Plex is a model-based, workgroup application development environment that uses pattern technology to accelerate the design and delivery of mission-critical applications.
    A software development environment by Sharper Software. (page use Macromedia Flash player)
    Creative Case 
    Present a tool to develop applications on the basis of terms and relations of the applied field without programming.
    IT Horizons 
    Offers XSL-based database and web integration application generator.
    Application development environment for business developers.
    Mantis from Cincom 
    An advanced application development system that provides design, development and implementation facilities for the application development cycle.
    Open Application Generator 
    OmniBuilder generates complete, fully functional applications in a variety of technologies.
    River Run Software 
    Comprehensive and integrated remote secure access to enterprise databases from mobile devices. Develop and customize solutions with "zero" code to be written. Carry a local database on your mobile device, work offline or online.
    Suneido: Integrated Application Platform 
    Suneido is an Open Source Software, object oriented programming language for Windows.
    An advanced object relational database management system, that allows you to better model your organization's data for today's complex business applications. UniSQL Server enables you to unify your organization, to provide a single, global view of yo