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Crystallography 101 
An Introductory Course by Bernhard Rupp. Answers in detail the questions 1. What is X-ray Crystallography? and 2. Why Crystallography?
Hydride complexes 
Part of the 'The Organometallic HyperTextBook'. Hydride complexes contain a metal-hydrogen bond, but are not necessarily hydridic in nature. By Rob Toreki, University of Kentucky, USA.
Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry 
North East Wales Institute of Higher Education introduction to atomic structure.
Learning Network 
An encyclopedia style entry for "structure of the atom."
QuasiTiler 3.0 
Interactive site that draws Penrose tilings and their generalizations.
Science at Midnight: Structure of the Atom 
A powerpoint slide presentation on the relationship between electronic structure and the emission of light.
University College London Quantum Physics Handout 
Including descriptions of the structure of the atom and the Bohr model of the atom.
VSEPR table 
Table of VSEPR structures with animated image rotation.
Watertown High School Atomic Structure Timeline 
Timeline for the development of atomic structure. Democritus (<1704) to Fermi (1950s+.)
Working out the structure of the atom 
A summary of the foundations for our understanding of atomic structure.