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    Consortium For Worker Education 
    A nonprofit organization with a mission to enrich and secure the lives of workers and their families through education, training and job opportunities.
    Help At Work 
    To develop your career - Master the Situation. Do you face challenging situations at work? This site will help you to use these situations to develop your skills and your career.
    Influencing Your Boss - Getting Heard Helpcard 
    Learn how to approach your boss so you are more likely to have your ideas and requests heard and acted upon. Free preview covers timing and credibility.
    Personal Strategic Planning 
    Self-development consultant Franciane Ulaf teaches time management, goal definition, financial management, how to plan your life.
    Promotability Test 
    Test measures your likelihood/ability to be promoted. Your results are compared to those of other test takers.
    The Motivation Tool Chest 
    Motivation tips on self-development, workplace, leadership, at-risk youth, education. Example: People who have a vision control their destiny and lifestyle.
    The Work Ethic Wizard - Helping You To Successfully Motivate Your Staff 
    Program claims to bring about a far more satisfying, less stressful work life and build a very effective, motivated and productive staff!