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    !Enjoy The Unemploy 
    A place where it's hip to be unemployed. Advice and job listings.
    Got Laid Off Dot Com 
    This site is mainly for former employees of to keep in touch with each other and look for new jobs.
    Just Between Jobs 
    Monthly webzine offering strategies for dealing with unemployment, job searching, resumes, interviews and career change.
    Personnel Planners 
    Administers unemployment claims for employers.
    The Unemploymentedge 
    An online resource developed to provide career assistance, professional contacts, and lines of communication for the employed and unemployed.
    Underemployed Union of West Australia 
    This site provides news, advice, help and resources to unemployed people, volunteers and others on Centrelink benefits in Australia.
    Unemployed Programmers Associating 
    Network for computer professionals that are out of work. Goal is to create maketable software.
    What Colour Cheese Moved my Parachute 
    A site for the unemployed IT professional includes movie and book reviews, economic news, job search tips and crumbs of comfort (based in Ireland).
    What to do if you lose your job 
    How to do a job search, take care of finances and emotions when you lose your job.
    Promotes awareness of global unemployment, fair employment practices, environmental consciousness and better quality of life in underdeveloped countries.