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    Aidells Sausage Company Recipes 
    Uses unusual flavored sausages, and includes recipes from the founder's cookbook.
    Alicia's Country Kitchen: All Things Tabasco 
    Recipes using Tabasco sauce that have been collected from boxtops, cans, boxes, newspapers, church recipe books, magazines and friends.
    Allrecipes Best Brands 
    Recipes from Betty Crocker, Hershey's, Kraft Foods, Taster's Choice, Cooking Light, and Southern Living.
    American Rice, Inc. 
    Rice recipes and cooking tips.
    This is the international home of Amoy, a manufacturer of Oriental food products. The site offers a number of their recipes in both English and Chinese.
    Amoy (UK) 
    This is the UK home of Amoy.
    Annie's Simple and Easy Campbell Soup Recipes 
    Easy and simple to prepare recipes using Campbell soups. Includes meat, vegetable and desserts recipes collected over the years.
    Aunt Patty's Recipes 
    Recipes such as fudge chews, brownies, and corn muffins, using molasses, honey, and date sugar.
    Tuna information presented.
    Azteca Foods 
    Azteca Foods Mexican food products home page, gateway to information about Azteca Foods products and services; has lots of recipes using Azteca products.
    Baileys recipes and cocktails 
    Collection of Baileys themed recipes and cocktails.
    Bestfoods Recipes 
    Recipes featuring this brand's products. Use the index, or search function.
    Betty Crocker 
    Offers selection of meal planning and recipe ideas with access to an ever-growing collection of award winning recipes, menu suggestions and special occasion tips.
    Recipes and meal ideas.
    Blue Dragon 
    Blue Dragon sauces can be found in many of the United Kingdom's supermarkets. This site offers a small number of recipes that feature their products.
    Bosch and KTec Distributors 
    A selection of recipes from distributors of kitchen appliances.
    Brazos Legends Recipes 
    Several recipes featuring Brazos Legends products.
    Recipes using this brand's beans, chili beans, diced tomatoes, and seasonings.
    Brown and Haley 
    Recipes from the makers of Almond Roca.
    Bruce Foods 
    Louisiana recipes using the company's products.
    Bundaberg Sugar Recipes 
    Recipes featuring Australian grown sugar include Passionfruit Dessert Cake and Pecan and Cherry Bread. .
    Butter Buds 
    Butter Buds.Recipes using low-fat, low-cholesteral Butter Buds. 
    Good selection of recipes to make with turkey or to accompany a turkey meal. Recipes range from grilling to beverages, and are searchable.
    Cooking ideas using Campbell's soups, including details of products available, recipe wizard, and email menu service.
    Campbell's Community 
    The Campbell Soup Company offers many recipes using their soups. Includes an online recipe box to store recipes.
    Campbell's Kitchen 
    Campbell's Soup Companys Kitchen to discover dinner ideas and helpful cooking tips.
    Campbell's Soup Canada 
    Crockpot, chicken, soup and low fat recipes. Includes nutritional information for the company's soups and healthy eating resources.
    Caribbean Favorite Recipes 
    From The California Antilles Trade Association. Recipes for Caribbean favorites.
    Carman's Muesli Recipes 
    Recipes for Maggie's Bircher Muesli, Crunchy Apple Crumble and Muesli and Pear Muffins.
    Celestial Seasonings 
    A searchable index of recipes featuring Celestial Seasonings.
    Chef Paul Prudhomme 
    Featuring Chef Paul's Magic Seasonings recipes.
    Chicken Of The Sea 
    Chicken of the Sea and Van De Camps seafood recipes and meal plans.
    Citrus Sunshine 
    Handful of recipes using orange juice.
    Clabber Girl Baking Powder Recipes 
    A large selection of recipes using this company's products, monthly menus, Kosher recipes, and newsletter. Recipe submissions accepted.
    Coca-Cola Cake 
    Chocolate cake made with marshmallows, cocoa, chocolate, and Coca-Cola. Complete with Cola frosting.
    Coco Lopez Recipes 
    A variety of drinks and dishes you can make with Coco Lopez's Cream of Coconut.
    College Inn Broth 
    Recipes using chicken, beef, and garden vegetable broth from College Inn. Cooking tips to enhance flavor and reduce fat, brand history, and FAQ.
    Colman's Mustard Recipes 
    An unofficial Colman's Mustard site with recipes.
    Cookie's Wild Recipes 
    Recipes featuring Cookie's barbecue products.
    CopyKat Creations 
    Recipes for popular restaurant meals.
    Offers lots of recipes, including instructions for whole dinners complete with suggestions for letting the kids help.
    Crystal Light® 
    See refreshing ideas for punches, adult snacks/desserts, hot weather coolers and winter warmers.
    Dalmata Products 
    Recipes using various of this company's products, sardines, olives, oil, and capers.
    Del Monte Co. 
    Recipes for salads, soups, beverages, breakfasts, entrees and side-dishes, using their products.
    Earthy Delights 
    Suppliers of specialty produce and products to restaurants, private clubs, hotels and resorts. "Great recipes from great chefs". 
    Sponsored by the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association. Provides recipes using name brand frozen foods and tips for safe storage.
    Eliki's Recipes with Olive Oil 
    Small collection of Greek recipes using gourmet oil.
    Equal offers recipes using Equal products.
    Famous Brandname Recipes 
    Links to over 200 brand name websites, listed by category.
    Famous Chili 
    Small collection of simple mexican and southwestern recipes, from Chili Cheese Dip to Quick Tamale Casserole.
    Favorite Brand Name Recipes 
    Over 1000 delicious recipes, many from America's favorite food companies.
    Fleischmann's Yeast Breadworld 
    Both the experienced and novice baker will find abundant recipes and baking information here.
    Franco American foods offers recipes using their famous products.
    Recipes using this snack food, for soups, salads, snacks, desserts, entree, and sandwiches.
    Garlic Recipes with YiaYia's Sauce 
    Small selection with links to garlic information.
    Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited 
    Recipe collection and free recipe booklets.
    Gold of Zante 
    Greek olive oil information, history and recipes.
    Gravy Master 
    Recipes featuring Gravy Master concentrate.
    Hellmann's Mayonnaise 
    Recipes using this condiment from salad dressing and sandwiches, to main dishes and baked goods.
    Hershey Foods Corporation 
    Can search by recipe, food category, or Hershey product used.
    Holiday Pecan Recipes 
    Three pecan recipes from Holiday Pecans.
    Honey Recipes is your source for honey information and recipes. From the National Honey Board. 
    Recipes, news about tomatoes and your health.
    Häagen Dazs 
    Official site for Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Click on Serving Ideas for dessert recipes.
    Jet-Puffed Marshmallows 
    A comprehensive site for marshmallow recipes.
    Jif Peanut Butter 
    Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks using the company's product.
    Jiffy Mix 
    Recipes from the Chelsea Baking Company for Jiffy Mix.
    Joyce Chen Products 
    Joyce's daughter Helen hosts her own area here and provides a small number of recipes.
    Kame Oriental Foods 
    Asian cooking ingredients.
    Kangaroo Brands, Inc. 
    Recipes for appetizers, meat, and vegetarian dishes.
    Visit the home of the Hollow tree for recipes using chips, crackers or cookies, sorted by occasion or by product.
    Games, recipes and nutrition information.
    Soy sauce information and recipes.
    Kikkoman Soy Sauce 
    Meal ideas including appetizers, soups, salads and salad dressings, fish/seafood, poultry and other meats using Kikkoman products.
    Kozy Shack Dessert Recipes 
    Recipes using Kozy Shack Rice Pudding and fruit.
    Kraft offers a meal-planner, recipes by e-mail,and your own on-site recipe box.
    Kraft Canada Inc. 
    Database of recipes. Includes tips and healthy eating articles.
    Kraft Interactive Kitchen 
    Recipes and other cooking information. Also has a service which gives recipe suggestions for ingredients selected. Recipes by email.
    La Choy 
    Official site of La Choy Asian Foods. Contains Asian and traditional recipes, Asian food news, product information, the history, and upcoming promotions.
    La Preferida Recipes 
    Authentic Mexican recipes for home and family, as well as restaurants, cooked with La Preferida products.
    Lea & Perrins Recipes 
    Collection featuring Lea & Perrins' sauces. Offers a booklet to download.
    Lee Kum Kee 
    This company has been making sauces for over 100 years. Their recipes are provided in both English and Chinese. They are added to on a regular basis.
    Recipes using these coated chocolate treats. Searchable collection, also baking tips section.
    Maggi Me 
    Chicken, meat, vegetable, seafood, and dessert recipes using the company's producs.
    Recipes using the Malt-O-Meal hot and cold cereals may be found at this site.
    Meyer Tomatoes 
    From starters to main dishes, this California company offers quick and easy recipes.
    Mimi's Cafe Recipes 
    Recipes from the restaurant chain known for its muffins.
    Monitor Sugar Company 
    Recipes (mostly desserts) featuring Monitor sugar.
    Mott's Apple Sauce 
    Recipes for low-fat home-baked breads using apple sauce in place of oil, butter, margarine or shortening.
    Mr. Dells Quiche 
    Quiche recipes featuring hash browns.
    MW Polar Foods 
    Recipes using this company's canned tuna, seafood, fruit, and vegetable products.
    Nabisco Canada 
    Recipes using their products, mostly DelMonte fruits.
    Nabisco Recipes 
    Recipes and product information in indexed format.
    Near East, Side Dishes 
    Recipes for Rice Pilaf, Couscous, Pasta with Delicate Sauce, Creative Grains, Taboule and Falafel.
    Nestle's Very Best Baking 
    Recipes and ideas from Nestle, Carnation, Libby's and Albers baking products.
    Newman's Own 
    Recipe's and product information.
    Old El Paso 
    Old El Paso recipes for easy-to-prepare, healthy Mexican side dishes, and main dishes.
    Ortega Mexican Food Recipes 
    Authentic Mexican recipes presented by Ortega.
    Oxo Stock Cubes 
    Recipes ideas for Oxo Stock Cubes, including recipes for their new herbs and spices.
    P&M Spice Company Inc 
    Chili recipes, crockpot food, soups, pasta and vegetarian foods.
    Pelino's Pasta Sauce 
    Recipes featuring this pasta sauce.
    Presto - Our Favorite Recipes 
    Recipes for homemade pizza, deep fryer, pressure cooker, popcorn, and salad shooter, from the appliance manufacturer. 
    Selection of soups, main dishes, breads, and salad dressing recipes using the company's pumpkin oil.
    Quaker Grits 
    Provides grits recipes, product information, where to find and buy grits, and how to get in touch with Quaker.
    Hearty collection of quick and easy classic Italian recipes.
    Ramen Recipe Page 
    All recipes on this page feature Ramen Noodles.
    Recipes from Back of the Box 
    An index of hundreds of favorite brand name recipes.
    Recipes Plus 
    Features ideas from past years of Canada's Recipes Plus calendars. Includes recipes using brand name products.
    Provides product information and recipes.
    RedRose: A Taste for Tea 
    A collection of recipes for beverages and baked goods prepared with tea.
    Restaurant Secret Recipes 
    A collection of recipes from 
    Features recipes, cooking tips, and information on all of Reynolds Products.
    Rice-a-roni® And Pasta Roni® 
    Main dish recipes and side dish suggestions.
    Robin Hood 
    Large searchable database of baking recipes, in such categories as bread machine, desserts, and kids.
    Roland Food Recipes 
    A large collection of recipes using products Roland Food.
    Sausage By Mail Recipes 
    A few recipes using sausage as a main ingredient.
    Scandinavian Spice Company Recipes 
    Collection of recipes based on appeal and reviewed and modified by chefs to use available time saving products.
    Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian recipes plus hints for cooking, popular dishes and a host of cultural information.
    Smart Balance Food Plan 
    Provides a seven day menu and recipes.
    Soya Recipes 
    Recipes using Nutrela, a soy based product, also links to for recipes.
    StarKist Tuna 
    Over 180 recipes featuring Starkist Tuna.
    Stouffers Meal Ideas 
    Offers meal ideas, recipes, a recipe contest, and product information.
    Strub Pickles Recipes 
    A pickle brine recipe, pickle potato salad, and pickle egg salad.
    Sun-Maid Raisins 
    Recipes using raisins, including a section for fast preparation.
    Swaggerty's Farm Sausage 
    Recipes made by the Swaggerty family themselves.
    Sweet One 
    Recipes for Sweet One, and a free sample form.
    Wide variety of recipes indexed or searchable, monthly menus, cooking demos, and chat.
    Texas Red Eye Recipes 
    Food recipes featuring this Bloody Mary mix.
    The Pillsbury Company 
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Doughboy but was afraid to ask! Pillsbury recipes and contests.
    Toby's of Texas 
    Hot and spicy recipes cooked with Toby's sauce and Cajun seasoning.
    Tony Chachere's 
    Brand of Louisiana-style food products, founded by the "Ole Master" of Cajun cooking, Tony Chachere.
    Top Secret Recipes on the Web 
    Make brand-name products at home with common ingredients. New recipes every month. Site includes message boards, chats, an online store, and a message board for discussing brand-name food no longer being produced.
    Information and recipes for wheaty. In English and Deutsch.
    Velveeta Recipes 
    Search by type of dish, by ingredient, or by type of Velveeta you would like to use.
    Vermont Garlic Recipes 
    Recipes using prepared garlic products produced by Vermont Garlic company.
    Watkins Recipes 
    Main dishes, salads, snacks soups, and desserts.
    Wilton Industries Recipes and Ideas 
    Recipes using Wilton's products for cakes, icing, salad, tart, and dressing.
    Wish-Bone Salad Dressing 
    Lots of recipes, a complete salad glossary and a grilling guide.
    Your Cookbook: Back of the Box Recipes 
    Recipe exchange, and collection of favorite food recipes, from the back of a can, box, or any kind of label. 
    Recipes using Mima's Zeppole Mix