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    About Vegetarian Cuisine 
    Over 1,000 searchable recipes, plus articles, links, and forum. From
    Absolute Recipes - Vegetarian 
    Small collection of recipes that even meat lovers might be willing to try.
    Amutha's Kitchen 
    Recipes from northern and southern India, including breakfast, rice, vegetables, and desserts.
    Anita's Indian Vegetarian Cuisine 
    Southern Indian style recipes without onion or garlic.
    Ashy's On-line Vegetarian Cookbook 
    Collection of simple recipes from around the world, plus vegetarian issues, stories, cartoons and photographs.
    Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes 
    A collection of meat-free recipes in Hindi and English.
    Bad Cats Cafe 
    Healthy vegetarian cooking/baking recipes and resources.
    Care and Feeding of the Vegetarian Teen 
    Article provides tips and recipes to help ensure that teenagers who don't eat meat still eat well-balanced and varied meals.
    Chat Veggie 
    A place where vegetarians, vegans and anyone else interested in a meat-free diet can swap ideas and recipes or ask advice.
    Clear Creek Kitchen 
    Over 250 searchable vegetarian recipes. U.S. to metric conversion chart.
    Cook's House Recipes 
    A collection of entrees, side dishes, and soups.
    Cooking With Kurma 
    Web home of Australian TV show host and proponent of pure vegetarian cuisine Kurma Dasa. Includes recipes, glossary of special ingredients, biography and notable quotes.
    Healthful, tasty, and spicy dishes. Breads, rice, curries, main dishes, desserts, snacks. Menu suggestions, and a glossary of ingredients with American-style equivalents.'s Meatless Entrees Index 
    A collection of meatless entrees listed by category.
    Country Place Vegetarian Recipes 
    Variety of vegetarian recipes including soups, stews, chili, pizza and entrees. Holiday recipes.
    Guide to southern Indian cuisine includes recipes, ingredient descriptions, and cooking tips.
    Easy Vegetarian Recipes 
    Small collection of soups, salads, sauces, teas and main dishes. Includes vegan selections.
    Edna's Tips 
    Recipes for Viking asparagus, curry broccoli, live spinach dip, and dried banana strips. 
    A good-sized collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes from around the world.
    Fatfree: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive 
    A searchable collection of over 2,500 recipes and information about healthy low-fat vegetarian diets. 
    Provides fat-free and lowfat recipes which include ingredients believed to improve body's immune system.
    Flora Foods 
    Volunteer chefs answer your cooking and recipe questions about vegetarian foods. From
    Food Matters 
    Small collection of meat-free dishes from Jennifer Harvey.
    Garden Burger Recipe 
    Meat substitute recipes includes bulgur wheat, mushrooms, onion, oats, brown rice, cheese, and seasonings.
    Good Stuff Online: Recipes 
    Good-sized selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes arranged by category. Breads, entrees, soups, and desserts.
    Great Vegetarian Recipes 
    A collection of Chinese, American, dessert, and spinach recipes.
    Healthy Recipes 
    A mostly-vegetarian collection of recipes with sea vegetables, tofu, and other healthful ingredients. From
    Home Cooking 
    Provides a large collection of easy-to-cook vegetarian dishes with an Indian flare.
    In a Vegetarian Kitchen 
    An on-line cookbook, featuring dozens of easy low-fat recipes, kitchen wisdom, and tips for new and aspiring vegetarians.
    Indian Vegetarian Recipes 
    Collection of traditional Indian dishes. Online recalculations of ingredient quantities required for four to twelve servings.
    Indian Vegetarian Recipes 
    Features several regional cuisines and speciality dishes.
    Includes large collection of Indian recipes, food terminology, and natural remedies.
    International Veggie Recipes 
    Includes recipes for Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sause, Vegetarian Black Bean Chili, Japanese Noodle Salad, Asian Cucumber Quinoa Salad, Italian White Beans with Tomatoes and Garlic, and Japanese Cucumber Salad.
    Jonathan Kandell's Vegetarian Recipes 
    Includes recipes for Asian, Indian, Italian, Southwestern, and miscellaneous dishes.
    Humorous, mildly suggestive site which does have recipes and factual information about vegetarianism.
    Low Fat & Fast 
    Sample collection of seasonal recipes from Vegetarian Times. Vegetarian glossary and substitution tables. Search for recipes from past issues, available for purchase.
    Lowfat Cooking in the Cultural Blur of California 
    Lowfat cookbook for sale. Site includes small group of free downloadable recipes.
    Many Veggie Recipes 
    Tested recipes for vegans, vegetarians or anyone else who enjoys healthy meatless food.
    Mexican Recipes 
    Over 300 vegetarian Mexican recipes from appetizers to tamales. From
    My Kitchen: A Mexican Dinner Party 
    Menu and recipes, plus suggestions for music and decorating.
    Navoli Nutrition 
    Small collection of meat-free dishes.
    Pam Ferris Cooks Veggie 
    British actress provides recipes and information.!Guides/pamferris.html
    Per Alimenti 
    A large collection of main courses, starters, sweets, breads, and snacks. Measurements in U.S. and metric. Search for recipes that contain -- or don't contain -- specific ingredients.
    Rasoia2z Your Indian Kitchen 
    Collection of authentic Indian recipes for curries, dry vegetables, and stuffed vegetables. Hints and tips, glossary of ingredients, and measurement tables.
    Recipes - Just Ask Deborah 
    Experienced vegetarian cook and recipe creator provides answers to questions. From
    Recipes from Barrienet - Vegetarian 
    A selection of family-style dishes. Metric measurements.
    Recipes Galore 
    From author Nava Atlas' cookbook. Offers seasonal recipes, every day fare, and special occasion recipes. Several helpful articles for new vegetarians.
    RecipeSource: Vegetarian Recipes 
    A large collection of vegetarian recipes, including sub-indexes for tofu, tempeh, rice, curries, burritos, and burgers.
    Recipezaar Vegetarian Recipes 
    100-plus recipes each with nutritional analysis. Submit recipes, set up a personal online cookbook.
    A small collection of Indian recipes and a glossary.
    Sharon's Radio Cookbook 
    Recipes for entrees through desserts, with many unusual dishes. Cooking/baking tips, measurement conversion tables.
    Small Household Vegetarian Recipes 
    Features a Thanksgiving menu, desserts, and everyday recipes sized to feed two people, plus party foods.
    Spider Woman's Veggie and PHP Site 
    Includes recipes as well as tips on staying healthy and fit. Also provides information on PHP programing.
    SunFood Net 
    Features recipes and information on raw foods.
    Susanina's Vegetarian Kitchen 
    Recipes, video segments, and thoughtful advice from a seasoned cook and baker who loves teaching others how vegetarian food can be deliciously satisfying.
    The Cook's House 
    Recipes for entrees, side dishes, and soups. A list of animal-derived food additives, descriptions of common vegetarian ingredients, and more vegetarian resources.
    The Lazy Girl's Gourmet Guide 
    Includes recipes for pitas and wraps, desserts, and smoothies.
    The Lazy Vegan 
    Offers free weekly newsletter for kitchen-challenged individuals and those who are interested in inexpensive vegetarian cooking but don't want to spend a lot of time or effort.
    The Vegetarian Epicure 
    An archived selection of Anna Thomas' recipes from the cookbook The Vegetarian Epicure.
    The Yoga Diet 
    Healthful, Asian-inspired dishes. Illustrated recipes.
    Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes 
    Breads, breakfasts, main dishes, desserts. Many featuring native American ingredients.
    Vegetarian 1 
    Archive of seasonal recipes, plus much vegetarian information.
    Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes 
    Collection of recipes grouped by type of dish.
    Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes 
    Recipes for all types of vegetarian as well as nutrition, calories and question and answers.
    Vegetarian Cooking 
    Interactive message board to share vegetarian recipes and cooking tips. From iVillage.
    Vegetarian Country 
    Recipes from the PBS cooking show. Themed menus and recipes.
    Vegetarian Cuisine Recipe Collections 
    Large collection from appetizers to desserts. Extensive information about vegetarian foods and lifestyle. From
    Vegetarian Recipes 
    British style dishes, with U.S. and metric measurements. From Hookery Cookery.
    Vegetarian Recipes 
    Small selection of recipes including lasagna, chili and a vegetarian pot pie using supermarket ingredients.
    Vegetarian Recipes 
    An eclectic collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes.
    Vegetarian Recipes 
    Sample recipes from A Taste of Heaven and Earth by Bettina Vitell.
    Vegetarian Recipes 
    Specialty dishes from bed and breakfasts around the country. From Pamela Lanier's Travel Guide Online.
    Vegetarian Recipes 
    Small collection of tried and tested recipes at
    Vegetarian Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens 
    A collection of vegetarian recipes including Vegetable Nachos and Vegetarian Chili with Pasta.
    Vegetarian Society Recipes - Cordon Vert Cookery School 
    A large collection of vegetarian recipes and food articles, organized by season. From U.K. Metric and US measurements.
    Vegetarian Wonders 
    Includes dishes from Northern and Southern India, desserts, and snacks. 
    An extensive, searchable database of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Submit recipes or requests. Create a personal online recipe file. From
    Vegetarians on the Go - Not Just Salads 
    International vegetarian and vegan recipes. Metric measurements.
    Veggie Daze 
    Information about cooking with soy, small collection of recipes, and links.
    Veggie Diner 
    Recipe of the day, vegetable of the month with recipes. Check the Freezer for recipe archives.
    Veggie Kids 
    Helpful information about feeding vegetarian children along with a selection of kid-friendly recipes.
    Veggie Tasty 
    Collection of pesco-vegetarian dishes sorted by topic.
    Vegie Recipes 
    International recipe collection featuring Asian, European, Australian, and American dishes.
    Two dishes based on ayurvedic recipes.
    Vicki Hodge 
    Provides recipes for starters and snacks, breakfast, dinner, and desserts. 
    A selection of Indian and British style recipes. Bakery, main dishes, relishes, sweets.