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    Chicken and Turkey Recipes 
    Recipes from All Easy Cooking message board participants.
    Chicken Recipes 
    Collection of recipes including Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings, Oven Grilled Chicken, and Chicken curry.
    Diana's Kitchen Poultry Recipes 
    A variety of chicken, turkey, and other poultry recipes.
    Foster Farms Recipes and Menu Ideas 
    Chicken recipes for salads, barbecue, children, fast preparation, and turkey and cornish hen recipes.
    Home & Hearth Poultry 
    A collection of poultry recipes, mostly chicken.
    How to Carve Chicken and Turkey 
    Both the standard and side carving styles are illustrated.
    Mr. Bill's Poultry Market 
    Recipes and tips from a market in Pennsylvania.
    Ostrich Index 
    Ostrich recipes from Ostrich Online.
    Ostrich Recipes 
    Recipes, including Ostrich Steak, with coriander, red wine, orange and red currant jelly, and cooking tips.
    Ostrich Recipes 
    Collection of recipes using ostrich, including Ostrich Scaloppine with Green Peppercorns, Kentucky Races Ostrich Strips, and French/South African Onion Soup.
    Ostrich Recipes 
    Collection of recipes using ostrich, including Asian Satay With Sesame Seeds On Skewers, French Onion and Ostrich Steak Soup and Ostrich in Phyllo Dough, at Pokanoket Farm.
    Poultry Recipes 
    A selection of recipes including Cumin Chicken and Chicken Breasts with a rice, walnut, and mushroom stuffing, at
    Poultry Recipes at Recipezaar 
    Search for a particular poultry dish or browse poultry recipes by course, cuisine, or preparation.
    Poultry recipes from 
    A searchable collection of poultry recipes.
    Robbie's Kitchen: Poultry 
    Recipes featuring chicken and turkey; baked, grilled, fried, stir-fried, broiled, boiled, stuffed, and topped.
    Tegel Taste Kitchen 
    A selection of chicken and turkey meal ideas from a New Zealand supplier of poultry products.
    Turkey and Chicken Recipes 
    A handfull of turkey and chicken recipes with tips about preparation.
    A collection of almost 400 easily searchable chicken recipes, tips, meal suggestions, and a special section for quick meals.