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    BeVocal Cafe 
    Free web-based VoiceXML developer site with tools and resources for creating VoiceXML applications. VoiceXML tutorials and samples.
    Provides both infrastructure support and application development services built with VoiceXML and technology from Nuance. Specialties include telecomununications, retail, call center and finance.
    ejTalk -- Human-Computer Conversational Systems 
    Created Voice XML conversation applications on Tellme, Bevocal, Hey Anita, Voice Genie and other platforms. Focuses on comfortable conversation. Cute digital Shakespeare demo.
    ELVIRA - VoiceXML Interpreter for Desktop 
    A VoiceXML interpreter that enables users to build dialog applications which do not require a telephone. Free download for Win32 platforms from Masaryk University, Brno CZ.
    EUREKA Soft 
    France based producer of intelligent network solutions including a VoiceXML interpreter, ORATEUR Studio telecom applications development platform, and telecom multimedia server targeted to fixed and mobile carriers and service providers.
    General Magic Inc. 
    Voice infrastructure company enabling businesses to rapidly develop and deploy voice applications. Has voice hosting services, VoiceXML tools.
    France based company offering complete VoiceXML gateway and hosting services. Text-to-speech compliant with all major European languages: French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish.
    Indigo Egg, Inc. 
    Developers of custom VoiceXML solutions. Pays particular attention to the "personality" of the voice responses and fine tuning natural dialog.
    A global speech technology company, with speech recognition, text-to-speech, voice browsing, and VoiceXML solutions for telecommunication carriers and enterprises.
    Provides systems for one on one customer support via web chat.
    Pan-European Outsourced VoiceXML Provider 
    Voxpilot offers a range of tools and services for the deployment of revenue-generating telephony applications. Provides tools to automate interactive services for telephones, portable devices and voice portals. Local number access in all major Europe
    TellMe Studio 
    Free VoiceXML tools and reference to build, test, and deploy on the TellMe voice portal network.
    Turn-key speech recognition IVR systems 
    Turn-key IVR, CTI, WEB, and FAX systems emphasizing "self service" over the phone and web using speech recognition technology from IBM, Nuance, and SpeechWorks.
    Provides a turn-key platform for running VoiceXML applications. Customization of hardware, speech recognition, text-to-speech, VoiceXML browser and cabling done in an ISO9000 facility. Installation in under a day.
    Voice Web Solutions 
    Specializes in developing voice web services for companies interested in Section 508 solutions, VoiceXML, or SALT.
    Builds voice products and solutions. Sells Voice Cube VoiveXML development platform suitable for secure high traffic access to enterprise information.
    VoiceGenie Developer Workshop 
    Tools and documentation for creating VoiceXML applications on a trial basis. 
    An IVR company offering a VoiceXML interpreter, gateway and SDK.
    VoiceXML Version 1.0 Specification 
    Complete specification as submitted to W3C (.PDF format). Useful for anyone designing vxml interpreters or wishing to understand the extensive capbilities for dialogs. Long but quite readable for a technical document.
    Provides automated IVR telephone solutions, platforms, and redundant fiber hosting using Nuance and VoiceGenie technologies, web, and open standards such as VoiceXML. Also has developer site with VoiceXML tutorials and prototyping test environment.
    Zvon VoiceXML Reference 
    Complete Voice XML reference with clickable examples.