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123 Easy as Pie 
This large recipe collection includes Christmas and Holiday Recipes, Frostings, Mexican Desserts, and Diet dishes.
Anna's Desserts 
Recipes for apple walnut cake, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, and cream puffs.
Better Homes and Gardens: Dessert Recipes 
A collection of all-time favorite dessert recipes, including Raspberry Fudgey Brownies and Cherry Trifle Cake.
Betty's Recipes 
Betty Crocker presents 25 different categories from candy, truffles, fudge, and taffy, to cakes, pies, frozen goodies, and cookies.
Bitsy's Kitchen Dessert Recipes 
Easy-to-print recipes including Cherries Jubilee, Picnic Cake, and Banana Cream Pie.
Blueberry Bang Belly Homepage 
Four traditional blueberry dessert recipes from New Brunswick, Canada.
Cake and Dessert Recipes 
Recipes for lattice coffee cake, ice cream pie, fudge, muffins, squares, pies, scones, and bars.
Cheesecake Cafe 
Collection of cheesecake recipes, including Margarita Cheesecake and Upside Down Jack Daniels Double Chocolate Cheesecake.
Chocolate Dessert Recipes 
Cakes, brownies, pies, fudge - all sorts of dessert recipes featuring chocolate as a key ingredient. From Abigail's Place.
Chocolate Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen 
Easy-to-prepare cakes, pies, candy and other chocolate desserts, including eclairs, chocolate chess pie, and candy bar cake.
Cobbler Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen 
Collection assembled from friends, newspapers, boxtops, and magazines over the years. Includes Blackberry Cobbler, Apple Cobbler, and Pumpkin Cobbler.
Coffee Dessert Recipes 
A personal collection of recipes for pies, cakes, muffins, frosting, bars, cookies, coffee cake, and breads, all using coffee.
Dairy Delicious Desserts 
Manitoba Agriculture and Food Organization presents some recipes, including CranRaspberry Mousse and Layered Lemon Delight.
Delicious Cookies 
Dessert recipes, including ones for cookies, cakes, and pies, are featured. Anisette Cookies, Apple Dumplings, New Orleans Fudge Cake, and Wild Blackberry Turnovers are among the many offerings.
Dessert Delight 
A selection of recipes for cakes, ice cream, puddings, and pies.
Dessert du Jour 
Archive of recipes from the mailing list.
Dessert Exchange 
A bulletin board where recipes are requested and exchanged.
Dessert from Debbie's Recipe Box 
Wide variety of dessert recipes such as dumplings, pies, cakes, cheesecakes, candy bar cookies, pumpkin bars and crunch, brownies, and candies.
Dessert Recipes 
Collection of recipes inspired from descriptions in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.
Dessert Recipes 
Fat-free Chocolate Cake, Apple Trifle, and Quick Pumpkin Pudding are among the various recipes on
Dessert Recipes 
Collection includes Brownie Pizza, Peanut Butter Cream Pie, Fruit Cocktail Cake, and Chocolate Macaroons.
Dessert Recipes at 
Recipe collection divided into categories, including cheesecakes, fruit desserts, and chocolate desserts.
Dessert Recipes from Bed and Breakfast Inns Online 
Recipes served in various B&B across the United States, includes cakes, cobblers, madeleines, cheesecakes, and ice cream.
Dessert Recipes from 
Small personal collection presenting a vanilla custard, a pumpkin crunch, and a walnut mocha brownie torte.
Dessert Recipes from INeedCoffee 
A directory of several dessert recipes made with coffee.
Dessert Recipes from Recipezaar 
Collection of recipes searchable by type, cuisine, ingredients, or method of preparation. Each with complete nutritional information.
Dessert Recipes from SmallZone 
Creme brulee and related recipes are featured. Includes reviews of internationally located restaurants which serve this dessert.
Dessert Recipes from the Living Cookbook 
A small selection of recipes including Blueberry Torta and Mango Pineapple Granita. 
Offers free access to thousands of guru approved tips and links related to dessert recipes, including diabetic, sugar free, and low fat.
Recipes submitted by visitors to Top Tastes. The desserts range from Almond Brickle to Zabaglione Classico.
A large index of dessert recipes including souffles, pies, ice cream, and cakes.
Desserts and Baking at 
Get baking tips, ideas for baking with kids, and recipes for all types of desserts for all tastes.
Desserts and Baking at BellaOnline 
Recipes and information at a site focused on women. The recipes are submitted by members.
Desserts by Godiva 
This chocolatier offers a collection of recipes for brownies, cakes, candy, cheesecakes, cookies, drinks, mousses, new recipes, pies, tarts, and truffles.
Desserts from Allrecipes 
Recipes for cakes, candy, cookies, custard and pudding, dessert pizzas, ice cream, sorbets, meringue, pies and pastries, quick and easy, sweet breads, trifle, and frozen, fruit, and no-bake desserts.
Desserts from B. Sandler's African Cookbook 
Recipes from various African countries, including Brandy Snaps (Kenya), Baked Bananas Gabon, and Sweet Oranges Congo.
Desserts from Culinary Universe 
Recipes such as apple riesling, banana berry bisque, banana mocha, Cajun bread pudding with whiskey sauce, Congo bars, sponge cake, shortbread, cookies, and pralines.
Desserts from Flavors of the South 
Collection of recipes including cheesecakes, Key lime pie, hummingbird cake, and bread pudding with whiskey sauce.
Desserts from Mega-Zine 
A small collection of varied recipes such as apple fritters, golden toffee sauce, galaktoboureko, pets de soeur, baklavas, and sourdough gingerbreads.
Desserts from the Manitoba Milk Producers 
Recipes for tiramisu, blueberry dream cake, peach fluff, lemon and berry cheesecake, and a Mississippi mud sauce.
Desserts Recipes 
Scottish teacher Sharon Curtis shares some favorites, including Chocolate Orange Cheesecake, Tipsy Roulade, and Almond Cherry Tart.
Diana's Desserts 
Site dedicated to home bakers, with opportunity for visitors to submit recipes. Red Velvet Cake, Sunday Butter Rum Pound Cake, and Crepes Suzette are among the recipes detailed here.
East Indian Desserts 
Recipes in Hindi and English, including traditional Indian food, exotic recipes, cooking tips, and glossary.
Fifi's Delicacies 
Gourmet dessert recipes and descriptions. Recipes include Hazelnut Anise Shortcake, Fifi's Nouveaux-Classic Buttercreams, and Meringue Mushrooms.
Carol Ott shares baking favorites, including Tea Ring, Sandtarts, and Chocolate Death Cookies.
French Canadian Dessert Recipes 
Favorite traditional and modern recipes for desserts and candy, including "Sucre à la crème", potato candy, and sugar pie. From
French Pastry Chef 
Online culinary guide created by a U.S.-based former pastry chef who offers dozens of ideas and formulas. Categories include small tarts, parfait dishes, petit fours, and Viennoiserie. Photos.
Great Recipes Online Desserts 
Small personal collection for cakes, candies, cookies, pastries, pies, cobblers, popcorn, and frostings.
Greek Dessert Recipes presents recipes including Apidea, Baklavas, and Crepes with orange pudding and fruit.
Halloween Desserts Recipes 
Holiday cakes and sweets including Spider's Web Cake and Chocolate-Covered Bugs.
iChef Dessert Recipes 
Many recipes, listed alphabetically and including Agnes' Mocha Velvet Pie, Fiesta Banana Cake, and Strawberry Chiffon Squares, with ratings by site visitors.
Italian Dessert Recipes 
Recipes featured include biscotti, tiramisu, tortoni, cannoli, zeppole, zabaglione, cakes, and fruit desserts.
Kosher Cooking--Desserts 
Assorted recipes including Baklava, Hammantashen, and Rugelach.
Lesley's Recipe Archive 
Canadian cooking expert shares recipes, including White Chocolate Berry Tart, Chocolate Almond Cheesecake, and Lemon Oatmeal Cookies. Some photos of the desserts.
MapleMark Recipes 
Desserts made with maple syrup, including Maple Pear Flan and Maple Cream Fruit Pastries.
Mariann's Favorite Dessert Recipes 
Cake recipes, including Peggy Cake and Helen's Strawberry Birthday Cake, are presented. Includes FAQ.
Mexican Desserts 
A comprehensive listing of recipes including tres leche, wedding cookies, flan, and bizcochitos.
Mexican Desserts from Allrecipes 
Recipes for sweet chimichangas, enchiladas, churros, empanadas, and tacos, also Mexican wedding cake, chocolate jalapeno cake, puddings, flans, and cookies.
Nikibone Dessert Recipes 
Oreo Cheesecake, Peppermint Brownies, Mocha Ice Cream Cake, and Pink Lemonade Pie are among the many recipes listed here.
Peej & Squeekees Kitchen 
Dessert recipes provided as a pay service. Includes Pineapple Mint Surprise and the Ultimate Perfect Chocolate Cake.
Ruth's Cake and Dessert 
Southern dessert recipes, such as Boiled Raisin Cake and Lemon Poppy Seed Cake, are presented by an experienced cook. Also features crepes, trifle, cookies, and tortes.
Shoe Box Recipes 
Dessert selection features cakes, cookies, and other desserts (e.g. Toasted Snow Cubes with Lemon Butter Sauce).
Tasty Dessert Recipes 
A collection of recipes, submitted by users from around the world. Includes a featured recipe and many links.
Vermont Living Dessert Recipes 
Country desserts including Chocolate Fudge, Granola Candy and Surprise Carrot Cake.
Vicki's Gourmet Desserts 
Large selection of recipes ranging from apple brown Betty to wildflower honey cake.