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Arielle's Recipe Archives: Snacks 
Recipes for homemade snacks including banana pops, caramel corn, trail mix, and twinkies.
Crisp Pasta Snacks 
Made with bite-size pasta, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and Parmesan cheese. From Better Homes and Gardens.
Crunchy Cracker Snack Mix 
Combines cheese crackers, wheat stick crackers, pretzels, mixed nuts, and dry salad dressing mix.
Crunchy Snacks from Betty Crocker 
Collection of sweet and savory snack recipes which pack a crunch, from healthy vegetables to s'mores.
Garlic Pita Chips 
Recipe using whole wheat pitas, margarine, garlic, and pepper.
Hearty Snacks from Betty Crocker 
Recipes for foods which are more filling than regular appetizers, but smaller than a meal.
Honey-Mustard Pretzel Snacks 
Pretzels mixed with butter, honey-mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and hot pepper sauce.
No-Guilt Nachos 
Made with tortillas, salsa, beans, tomatoes, and cheese.
No-Nuts Cereal Snack 
A mix of puffed corn cereal, toasted oat cereal, cheese crackers, and chow mein noodles.
Peanut-Packed Munch Mix 
Made with shredded wheat biscuits, peanuts, peanut butter, and raisins.
Rice Cake S'Mores 
Made with rice cake, peanut butter, chocolate, and marshmallows.
Snack Recipes 
Collection of assorted potato-based snack recipes.
Snack Recipes 
Snack recipes from Recipe Gal's Archives.
Snack Recipes from RecipeSource 
More than 50 recipes for sweet or savory snacks.
Indian appetizers and snacks, some completely vegetarian.
Snacks Recipes from 
Snack recipes from the Low-Fat Vegetarian Archive.
So-Simple Treats 
Recipe using candy-coated milk chocolate pieces, peanuts, raisins, and coconut.
Soft Cheese Nachos 
Recipe using tortillas, Monterey Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, and salsa.
Sopaipilla Chips 
Made with tortillas, sugar, and cinnamon. From Better Homes and Gardens.
Tijuana Tidbits 
Made with tortilla chips, Crispix cereal, popcorn, mixed nuts, corn syrup, brown sugar, and chili powder.