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    Biomechanical Engineering Division 
    Information on admissions, degree programs, courses, facilities and laboratories. Stanford University, U.S.
    Biomechanics and Structural Integration 
    An attempt to educate the community of bodywork practitioners about the benefits of biomechanics.
    Biomechanics Classes on the Web 
    A resource for faculty and students who are interested in biomechanics classes. Includes information on animal biomechanics, biomedical engineering, and related subjects, plus textbooks and related links.
    Cracking the Whip 
    Article in The New Scientist about the theory that sauropod dinosaurs cracked their tails like whips.
    Fossil Biomechanics 
    Current research into the biomechanics of fossil sea scorpions (eurypterids).
    Human Biomechanics Course 
    Lecture and laboratory notes, assignments, interactive simulations, and related links. St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.
    International College of Biomechanics 
    Provides practical training in assessment procedures and treatments. Contains list of courses. New South Wales, Australia.