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    Common Sense Problem Page 
    Corpus of challenging problems for the representation of commonsense knowledge.
    John Sowa on Knowledge Representation 
    Provides background material and tutorials on ontology and related topics in logic, conceptual graphs, and natural language semantics.
    KnoW - Knowledge on the Web 
    KnoW is a collaborative initiative, seeking for efficient solutions for sharing and exchange of knowledge between people, organizations and systems using the technology of the Web.
    Knowledge Engineering 
    Lecture notes by Dickson Lukose on knowledge representation.
    Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) 
    A DARPA project. KIF is a language designed for use in the interchange of knowledge among disparate computer systems.
    Knowledge Representation Resources 
    A list of knowledge representation resources, part of the AI Education Repository at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.
    KR, Inc. 
    Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Incorporated, is an organization fostering research and communication on knowledge representation and reasoning, mainly through conferences.
    Modeling and Simulation 
    Resources and links published by INSEAD on Knowledge Representation and Exchange, Ontologies, Simulation.
    Organizing Thoughts into Sequences, Hierarchies, and Networks 
    This paper presents four criteria for defining sequences, hierarchies, and networks (SHN) in the way most appropriate for organizing thoughts.
    Tockit Project 
    Aims to create a framework for conceptual knowledge processing in terms of social structures and a common code base. Features software description and contact details.
    A set of tools using Conceptual Graphs formalism for building and documentation of knowledge bases, indexing or connecting elements of WWW-accessible documents.
    What is a Knowledge Representation? 
    An introductory critical paper by R. Davis, H. Shrobe, and P. Szolovits in AI Magazine - 1993