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Web site listings: [ Hide summaries ] Pressure Cooking 
A selection of recipes, plus information, tips, and hints, on the use of your cooker.
All About Pressure Cookers 
Hints, tips, and recipes, plus time tables for pressure cooking fruits and vegetables, from Fabulous Foods.
All Recipes 
Offers several recipes that include a cheesecake, a spicy chicken stew, and a sour cream vegetable soup.
Anantha Pressure Cooker Recipes 
A list of recipes offering a variety of Indian dishes prepared in the cooker. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo of the finished dish.
Bean Cooking Chart 
From the WebLife library. Shows the difference in cooking times required when using a regular pot on the stove or a pressure cooker.
BHG Recipe Center 
A collection of tasty sounding recipes. Also offers links for a food calorie chart, and holiday ideas.
CDKitchen Pressure Cooking 
A collection of several main dishes are offered. Links also for many other types of recipes.
Cranberry, Orange and Apple Relish 
A recipe offered by Kuhn Rikon cookware. Other information on canning and cooking, and about their cooker is provided.
Crunchy Topped Potatoes 
A recipe from the Idaho Potato Web Site. Links for other potato recipes, a fan club, a potato harvest video, and potato clip art are also offered.
D and W Food Center 
Recipes include approximate preparation time, cooking time, and nutritional information. Links to other recipes also.
Dorothy McNett's Place 
A selection of several pressure cooker recipes plus a recipe search and links to many other types of foods.
Easy Shredded Taco Meat 
This recipe is provided by Fabulous Also offers tips and safety precautions for using the cooker, and more recipes.
Eggplant Ratatouille 
A recipe presented by Ashbury's Aubergines, plus links to eggplant information, more recipes and a fun page.
Fagor Pressure Cooker Recipes 
Offers a selection of recipes plus information on some different ways a pressure cooker can be used.
Flavors of the South 
A complete listing covering chili, soups and stews, sauces, meats and poultry, vegetables, and desserts. Links to holiday and Christmas recipes are also provided.
Recipes plus articles on cooker basics, with charts and guidelines for preparation of dried beans, fruits, meats, and vegetables. 
A comprehensive list of recipes, a recipe submission link, tips on using your cooker, and other cooker information.
Health Goods Pressure Cooking 
A selection of recipes that includes vegetables, soups, chicken, fish, meats, and desserts. Also offers a health newsletter.
Kuhn Rikon Summer Recipes 
A list that offers seasonal selections plus a recipe search, an Ask the Experts feature, and other cooker links.
Lamb Rogan Josh 
An introduction to the pressure cooker, and a sample recipe from the book "The Best Pressure Cooker Recipes" by Cinda Cavich.
A Basque style stew made with fresh tuna, potatoes, onion, and green pepper, from the official Idaho Potato web site.
Meals for You 
Recipe index gives the amount of preparation time required, and also nutritional information. Offers links to other types of recipes.
Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooker Recipes 
Offers information on the use of pressure cookers. Includes a forum, a newsletter, and hundreds of recipes.
Presto Pressure Cooker Recipes 
Offers recipe collections by topic, articles on using a cooker, and an index of individually listed recipes.
A few recipes, a link for pressure cooker questions, and a recipe submission link.
Recipe Source 
A list of recipes that includes breads, pickles, soups, vegetables, and meats. Browse other recipes by type or region. 
Offers a selection of recipes plus informative articles, tips, and basic cooker information.
Recipes from Diana's Kitchen 
Provides an index of recipes for chicken, meat, fish, and vegetables, plus other food links.
Recipezaar Pressure Cooker Recipes 
All recipes are supplied by different individuals, and shared via a recipe board. A recipe search is also provided.
Risotto with Squash 
Recipe calls for butternut squash, rice, shallot, parmesan cheese, seasonings, and parsley, and offers a printer friendly version.
Santa Cruz Natto 
A Japanese recipe for the preparation of fermented soybeans, from Tokyo Food Page. Links to a Japanese recipe collection.
Southwestern Stew 
A recipe provided by Links for other recipe categories, weather, news, and traffic are also available.
Sweet'n Sour Chicken 
Brown chicken and add the other ingredients, then cook just 8 minutes. Remove from cooker, thicken the sauce, and it's ready to eat.
Vegetable Casserole 
This recipe uses sliced carrots, sliced onions, and chopped spinach in a mozzarella cheese sauce.
Vegetarian Cuisine 
A large selection of recipes from the recipe library. There is also a link to pressure cooker timetables.
Virat Indian Recipes 
Common recipes that have been submitted by viewers of the Virat Cooker web site. Links to information on the cooker itself are included.
What's Cooking 
Provides a message board for pressure cooking or recipe questions and recipe exchanges. Links to other recipes.
Yahoo! Groups Pressure Cooker Recipes 
A group for exchange of recipes and pressure cooker chats. Must join group in order to participate.