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Web site listings: [ Hide summaries ] Database Development 
Provides original feature articles, a collection of net links, forum discussions and a chat room devoted to database programming. By, Inc.
Connection Strings List 
Contains connectionstrings for all types of datasources, databases and files, via ODBC, OLEDB, DataShapes.
Database Bookmark 
A directory of database development sites, information, articles, database management tools, database platforms, and software. Covering ODBC, SQL, Oracle, and Informix. By Majid Salimi.
Database Journal 
Daily database news and articles for the database professional.
DevX: Database Development Zone 
Your starting point for database programming, including answers to frequently-asked technical questions about database development, Get Help with DB2 and SQL Server, feature articles, links to the best database development sites, and news about datab
RocketAware: Databases 
Collection of links to open source apps and libraries plus FAQs and references for software developers. By Mib Software. 
Directory of resources on the use and programming of database and database-to-web connectivity software. Affiliated with TechTarget.