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    Meat Alternatives 
    Brief guide to soy-based substitutions, as well as recipes for meatless sloppy joes, pigs in a blanket, and tacos.
    Meat and Meat Substitute Recipes 
    Provides detailed descriptions of common substitutions as well as recipes that use them.
    Meat Substitutes 
    Large collection of recipes from
    Meat: What's the Alternative? 
    Describes several products suitable for vegetarians who still miss the texture or taste of meat.,10103,164321_175730,00.html
    TVP and Seiten Recipes 
    More than 40 low-fat and fat-free main dishes. Most recipes are also vegan. From
    Vegan/Vegetarian Meat Substitutes 
    Provides recipes for bacon, beef, cheese, chicken, egg, fish, turkey and burger substitutes made without animal products.
    Vegetarian Cuisine: Meat Substitutes 
    Article provides an introduction to ready-made meat substitutes commonly found in grocery and health food stores. From
    Veggie Living: Frozen Meat Substitutes for Vegetarians and Vegans 
    Provides links to frozen meat substitutes such as burgers, vegetable patties, and meatless slices. Tells whether each product is vegetarian or vegan.
    Would You Eat Meat Substitutes? 
    Vegetarians respond to this question and explain the reasons behind their answers.