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    A tool designed for generating program files that contain repetitive text with varied substitutions. This is especially valuable if there are several blocks of such text that must be kept synchronized. [Open Source, GPL]
    Dynamic Languages Group - MIT AI Lab 
    Covers reflection, self-modifying code or mutable MOPs, Dylan, and aspect-oriented programming.
    Generative Programming 
    Promotional site for a book on generative programming. Also has papers from a 2001 ECOOP workshop on generative programming.
    Generative Programming References 
    Large alphabetical list of references (some with hyperlinks) related to Generative Programming - i.e. topics such as Aspect-Oriented Programming, Intentional Programming, Adaptive Programming.
    Intentional Programming 
    Papers on the metaprogramming system and former MS research project in which software is viewed as a database and multiple source code representations can be used.
    Jostraca: A Template Engine for Generative Programming 
    A general purpose code generation toolkit for software developers. It uses JSP syntax and can be configured to use a number of different programming languages. [Open source, GPL]
    Metadata Centric Development 
    Description and examples of a metadata driven development practice, which reduces duplication of implicit metadata assumptions (field length etc.) throughout the code.
    Partial Evaluation 
    Some links and references for this optimization technique, and prototypes in various languages.
    Synthesizer Generator 
    A system for creating language-sensitive editors, interfaces, and environments from formal grammatical descriptions of any language. [Commercial]
    An universal code generator based on its own template language. [Open source, GPL]
    The Program Generator Generator 
    A partial evaluation system for Scheme: Given a program P and a specification of which of the inputs are known in advance, PGG outputs a program generator which accepts the known inputs of P and outputs a specialized version of P. PGG is fully automa