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    A2Z Free News Servers 
    Link page to open news servers, including those with access to the binaries hierarchy.
    Aaron's Free Usenet News Server Resource 
    Usenet resource featuring well maintained list of free news servers, news reader software and lists of free news servers that carry specific newsgroups.
    Baloc's public NNTP servers 
    Updated list of servers that are open to the public, with number of groups carried.
    Canue's free news servers 
    Yet another list of free news servers.
    Elven Mine 
    List of free NNTP news servers.
    Free News Servers Index and Search Utilities 
    News Server List with Integrated Search utilities to help you find servers which match your interests. 
    List of news servers with information on whether they allow posting, carry binaries, and so on. Also contains some other usenet information such as book reviews, software information, and a web forum.
    A listing of free newsservers sorted by speed, number of available usegroups or wether posting is possible.
    Provides free web access to automatically decoded and indexed binary files from Usenet.Additional newsgroups and NNTP access require a paid subscription. Hosted in Europe.
    Links and FAQ about Open NNTP Servers 
    Just what the name says. Looks at some of the better link pages and explains how they work.
    Free NNTP access to Usenet newsgroups. Requires registration with a valid e-mail address. Must observe rules of usage to hold an account. No binaries or commercial usage.
    Public news servers searchable by the newsgroups they carry. Some of the servers are dated.
    List of several highly rated servers that have the best availability.
    NewsWorld - Public NNTP Servers for free 
    Public nntp servers with a guaranteed amount of alt.binaries. Searchable.
    James Abendschan maintains an up-to-date, searchable, sorted, easy to use list of open news servers, and has been doing so for the past four years. 
    Public Read-Only NNTP Server located in New York City.
    Public Access Usenet News Servers 
    Good list of news servers and links to those that keep track of these things.
    public nntp sites 
    A small list of public NNTP servers.
    Specialized Public News Servers 
    A list of company-operated and deliberately open Usenet news servers.
    Stans list of free, uncensored news servers 
    A list of free, uncensored, public access news servers, updated daily.
    A regularly updated list of publicly accessible news servers.
    Vlad's Free public NNTP Servers List 
    Member of the "Public News Server Web Ring". Includes a searchable database which sorts on a few different options, such as date, speed or port.