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Web site listings: [ Hide summaries ] Poetry Forum 
Solicits questions and reviews of submitted poems.
A handful of boards, including a featured poem of the week, and a list of links.
A sharing network where poets can post and customize the look of their poetry, accept feedback, and make comments about others poetry. Includes an "add-a-line" poetry forum.
Artist Corner 
Multiple boards on which to post poetry, short stories, song lyrics, quotes, and various form poetry.
Artistry in Poetry/StarcrOss 
A poetry community, including contests, critique, and scheduled chats.
Bianca's Book of Poetry 
An unmoderated poetry forum, which includes chat as a part of the larger Bianca community.
Black Days 
A multiple board community dedicated to dark poetry and discussions.
Blueline Poetry Forum 
A full-featured forum, including various contests, boards, games, chats, and discussions. Readers may nominate poetry for awards.
Chthonic Rising Arts Collective 
New dark poetry forum, also including links and member sites.
A small, e-mail-based poetry organization designed to demonstrate the different variations a closed group of eight members can interpret a weekly topic. Visitors can see how others perceive a topic given out by individual members.
Critical Poet's Poetry Forum 
Multiple boards, including how to critique poetry and individual member archives.
Crystal Lake Poetics 
Poetry, philiosophy, and rants submitted by it's members. User membership and submission is encouraged.
Del Sol: The Writer's Block 
For critique and discussion of poetry. Includes publication and chapbook information, writing programs and other links.
Distracted Poets Club 
Users may read and submit poetry, and obtain a web-based e-mail account.
E-Poet Forums 
Authors are invited to publish their work, poetry news, events and announcments across two large forums. An initiative of the online poetry journal Fluid Ink Press.
Part of Able Muse, offering metrical, classical, and general boards, as well as contests and chat.
Ethereal Blue Poetry Forum 
Open poetry forum for veterans and amateurs alike. Poems and short stories can be submitted in a forum for viewing, and users are encouraged to comment.
Ever and Again Interactive Poetry 
Interactive poetry, and multiple message boards organized by topic.
Users may take part in ongoing writing exercises, and take part in chats.
Poets can post and customize the look of their poetry, accept feedback from others, and make suggestions and comments about others' poetry.
Flowers In Concrete 
A chat room with areas to post poems and a featured writer section.
Friendly Musings 
Multiple active poetry boards, including critique, holiday thoughts, nature, and poetry writing instruction.
Hot Poetry 
Showcases the work of amateur poets, including bios and links to other sites.
In A Dove's Nest 
Users may submit poetry for critique and for consideration for publication on The Nest's main site. Also includes artwork and personal boards.
Infinitum Poetry 
Offers poetry forums, chats, file sharing, image gallery, and active discussions.
Justour Love 
User submission and ranking as well as critiques, in a number of subcategories.
Moontown Cafe 
Multiple poetry boards including free verse, metered, rhyming, and spiritual. Moontown Cafe also includes a chat room.
My Good Eye 
Community of people that read and write poetry. Includes forums, archives, member photos, news, and games.
Open Kitchen 
A Yahoo group, offering romanticism, victorian, black, and friendship poetry, short stories, and quotes.
Open My Mind 
Forum for stories, poetry and rants.
Pagan Poet 
A community in which poets can post their writings to many different categories, including odes, nature, and general.
Paradise Poets' Society 
An MSN community including chat, submissions, featured poetry, and an online novel in progress.
Passions in Poetry 
Boards include mild critique, heavy critique, teen, adult, spiritual, and archives. Poetry headlines also included. 
Poets can post their poems for critiques. Also features forums for publishing opportunities, contests, and book reviews.
Poetic License 
Sharing and discussion of poetry, inspirations, reflections on life; including personal online notebook for composition.
Poetic Muse 
Affiliated with Poetictricity and Beatnik Poetry Journal. Includes a poet of the month and opportunities to get a poetry folio published.
Poetry Array 
A community offering six boards, organized by type of poetry.
Poetry Place 
A community for sharing poetry.
Poetry Sundays on the Net 
Forum and e-group for writers who meet in the town of Chelmsford, England. Also includes a showcase, schedule of workshops, and links. 
A community including chat rooms, forums, voting system, featured poets, and an e-zine. Free and exclusive memberships.
A discussion board for topics of interest to poets and readers of poetry. Poets can slso post their work on the site and receive feedback.
Post Poems Forum 
Critique, conversation, love, dark, and Japanese form poetry boards.
Random Thoughts 
A new board offering user submissions, and boards for ranting and raving.
RhymeZone Forum 
Users may submit poetry, discuss Shakespeare, and share poetry contests.
Salty Dreams 
Boards include dark poetry, critique, sharing, fight club, writing exercises, and archives.
Sawf Poetry (English, Urdu, Hindi and Gujrati) 
A vibrant and mildly moderated forum that allows posts in English, Hindi, Urdu and Gurati.
Seashore Poetry Critiques 
Two poetry forums for different levels of critique.
Shadow Poetry 
Multiple boards and e-mail lists. Submit free verse, haiku, sonnets and limericks. Also includes artwork.
Shane Land 
Poetry discussion board, submissions, and featured poetry archives.
Shannon's Poetry Cafe 
A community for poets including posting and featured poets. 
Read, rate and add original poems. "Poems by Mail" service allows visitors to receive new poems via e-mail.
Starlite Cafe's Poet Corner 
Writers can submit and critique poetry, create online portfolios of their work, view classic poetry, and participate in discussions/chats.
Poets are encouraged to post their poems and short stories to share ideas and suggestions to improve their poetry.
Sunday Morning Poetry Group 
Informal poetry group of poetry lovers including profiles and weekly poetry. New members welcomed.
The Chop House Review 
New mastery forum for both metrical poetry and free verse. Contemporary kabbalistic poetry in the Toledano Tradition.
The Lyrical Missive 
Post poems, haiku, get feedback, learn, grow and discuss poetry related topics.
The Pasture Christian Poetry and Prose 
An online community where Christians can share and discuss reflections of their spiritual walk through writing.
The Pink Palace of Poetitude 
Users may share their writings in boards organized by category. Includes a teen board and chat.
The Poet's Peak 
A place for amateur and established poets to post their work for friendly critiquing and commenting by others. This site also includes a chat room.
The Poetry Free-for-all 
For writers serious about improving their poetry and willing to work toward that goal. Large collection of poetry forums where you may submit your poems for critique by experienced and aspiring poets.
The Poetry Pages 
Offers message and critique boards, as well as webspace for poets.
The Poets Underground 
Share work and comment in forums. Includes two sections, one for works from people of all ages, and one dealing with more mature themes.
The Poets' Place 
Community forum for poets and writers.
Tir Nan Og 
Multiple poetry and personal boards, including archives and inspirational quotes.
Unknown Poets 
A poetry community where poets can post their work into different categories, such as "love" and "observation."
Voices Network 
A community including contests, forums, mailing list, chat, poem of the month, and a bookstore.
White Crow Poetry Exchange 
Interactive poetry site with discussion forums that include rhyme, free verse, haiku, sonnet, lyrics, and limericks, contests, and chat.
Wild City 
A critique forum and chat room that also publishes a quarterly, seasonal magazine.
Wild Poetry Forum 
Several poetry boards and chat. Users may create e-cards using personal images and sounds.
Words on Fire 
Fourteen boards, including haiku, tanka, spiritual, hip-hop, critique, and suggestions. Users may participate in a chat.