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    Bibliography of Humanities Computing 
    Offers links to publications in humanities computing organized according to methods and tools rather than by discipline. Features information on imaging, lexicography, text archives, and optical character-recognition.
    Early Modern Literary Studies 
    The January 1998 edition of Early Modern Literary Studies, available online, is devoted to Shakespeare internet scholarship.
    Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography 
    Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
    Electronic Texts, File Formats, and Copyright 
    Perry Willett cites Biblical scholar's early use of electronic texts, databases, file formats, etc.
    Film and Television 
    Excellent collection of papers re: the influence and effect media has on culture from The English Server
    H-AHC: Association for History and Computing 
    H-Net discussion group that exists to encourage and maintain interest in the use of computers in all types of historical studies. Features subject overview, archive, links to related lists, and subscription information.
    Interdisciplinary journal that explores the relationships between social philosophy, epistemology and art. Features current and archived issues, as well as information for prospective authors.
    Institute for the Humanities 
    Offering fellowships and public programs in the humanities and the arts, including art exhibitions, lecture series, conferences, and an annual Humanities Spring Seminar.
    Literary Terms / Rhetorical Devices 
    "A Glossary of Literary Terms and A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices including an Introduction and a Self Test."
    Related Readings from IATH 
    "In this section, we collect pointers to resources on the internet that are broadly related to the projects underway at the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the Univ. Of Va., or to the general topic of computing in the huma
    Review of English Verse Drama: The Full-Text Database. 
    Creating a CD-ROM literature database by David L. Gants, University of Virginia.
    Streaming Audio and Video Recordings 
    "This site, will now be dedicated to posting audio and video recordings in the arts and humanities, to the same communities our text collections have served for the past seven years." Requires Windows Media Player or Real Audio
    Teaching European Literature and Culture with Communication and Information Tech 
    "The papers outline a rich range of approaches to the teaching of analytical and critical skills in literary and cultural studies." An Oxford University study.
    The English Server: Cyber Folder 
    Essays on the intersection between technology, culture and human nature. Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University.
    The Lady of May: a Case Study in the Rhetoric of Electronic Text 
    Richard Bear's 1996 paper on preparing electronic texts for the internet, uses Sidney's The Lady of May as a case study
    The Perdita Project 
    Describes the Perdita Project, by Nottingham Trent University and Oxford University's Centre for Humanities Computing, to create a database guide to over 400 early modern and 17th c. manuscripts by women.
    UWired Catalyst Home Page 
    The Univ. of Washington's online resource for educators implementing electronic technology into their curriculum.