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A Java networked strategy game. Site offers screenshots, downloads, and bug list.
Turn-based freeware multiplayer strategy game with a space theme. Well suited to be played by email.
Funtasy Studios 
Romanian PC games developer presenting project news and information.
No Name War Game 
Under-development RTS with RPG elements. Offers screenshots, news, and game information.
Solar Wars - A Game of Solar System Domination 
Presents game overview, download, screenshots, and control guide
SourceForge: Artillery 
Multiplayer strategy simulation, with a real-time action component. Site offers development status, downloads, and project information.
StarLines Inc. 
The official site for a strategy space simulation. Includes news, screenshots and a FAQ.
Starships Unlimited 
Offers demo, screenshots, and support for a starship combat game.
Strategic Conquest 
Features game information and ordering.