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    Apples: Preserving 
    Fact sheet explaining how to prepare apples for freezing or canning, also recipes for syrup for preservation, preserving without sugar, recipes for chutney and cinnamon apple rings.
    Basics for Canning Fruit 
    Instructions from an Ohio State University Extension fact sheet.
    Basics for Canning Vegetables 
    Pressure canning is the only safe method for home canning vegetables. This Ohio State University Extension fact sheet explains how.
    Buying Beef For The Freezer 
    Buying beef in large quantities can result in significant cost savings, this Ohio State University Extension fact sheet explains how.
    Canning Basics 
    This fact sheet explains why canning works, what causes food to spoil, and the importance of following directions carefully. From Ohio State University Extension.
    Canning Food 
    Canning and preserving recipes and information on preparing, cooking and processing fruits and vegetables.
    Canning Jars and Facts 
    A comprehensive site including information guide from the food authority, tips, timing chart, and canning forum
    Canning Meat, Poultry, and Game 
    Fact sheet from Ohio State University Extension.
    Canning Recipes 
    A guide and recipes for canning fruit and vegetables.
    Canning Recipes 
    Browse 70+ canning recipes by ingredient, cuisine, and more; or use search to find something in particular. Each recipe includes complete nutritional information.
    Canning Tomato Products 
    Ohio State University Extension fact sheet on canning, selection, acidification, preparation and processing.
    Canning Tomatoes 
    Ohio State University Extension fact sheet on the topic.
    Canning, Drying and Freezing 
    Tips and instructions from National Food Safety Database.
    Clemson Extension: Home and Garden Information Center 
    Offers factsheets on food preservation and safety, including canning basics and equipment, freezing, preserving fruits and jellies, and food handling and storage.
    Colorado State Co-op 
    Facts, tips, and directions for freezing vegetables.
    Dinner in the Freezer 
    Frozen and once a month cooking, master mix recipes. From WebSeed Publishing Community.
    Food Preservation and Food Safety 
    Outlines safety factors in preserving foods.
    Freezer Storage 
    Basic facts and downloadable Adobe Acrobat file containing "Tips on Freezing Home-Prepared Foods" and the "Freezer Storage Chart." From Ohio State University Extension.
    Freezing Basics 
    Fact sheet from Ohio State University Extension with a list of recommended books.
    Freezing Combination Main Dishes 
    Ohio State University Extension fact sheet offering information and tips on this topic.
    Freezing Fruits 
    Freezing fruits is simple, easy, and preserves more nutrients and a fresher flavor than dehydration or canning, if done properly. This fact sheet from Ohio State University Extension explains how.
    Freezing Vegetables 
    Ohio State University Extension fact sheet on the process to follow to freeze safely. List of books included.
    Freezing vegetables 
    A check list and instructions for freezing vegetables from New Mexico State University.
    Freezing Vegetables from Gardenguides 
    Instructions for freezing many popular vegetables and fruits.
    Frozen Assets 
    How to cook for a day and eat for a month. A comprehensive site containing articles, recipes, complete meal plans, email discussion group, links.
    Home Canned Tomato Sauce with Peppers 
    Pictures and instructions for reduced water high acidity home canning of tomato sauce.
    Home Canning Resources 
    Information and resources from The Mining Co.
    Home Preserving 
    Tips for preserving and pickling with recipes and links to more information. 
    Offers tips and techniques, recipes and an e-mail newsletter.
    Homemade Maple Syrup 
    Directions for tapping, collecting, and making your own maple syrup.
    How Stuff Works: Preserving Food 
    An explanation of all the different ways used to preserve food from freezing to irradiation.
    Ma's Goodies Canning & Preserving 
    A collection of recipes and tips for canning fruit, vegetables, and meats.
    Making Fruit Spreads - Preserve It Right 
    Basic directions on how to make jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, and conserves.
    National Center for Home Food Preservation 
    Information on home food freezing, drying, canning, pickling, and smoking for home preservers and educators. Includes publications and seasonal tips.
    NDSU Extension Freezing Tips 
    Answers to commonly asked questions about freezing produce. From North Dakota State University.
    Pepper Fools 
    A large collection of canning recipes using Chile peppers.
    Pickled Crab Apples 
    Basic recipe using hot water bath method.
    A guide to pickling and preserving offering recipes, techniques, advice, links, and a bulletin board. 
    Presents methods for preserving food by canning, freezing, dehydrating and vacuum sealing. Also includes safety tips.
    Preserving Pie Fillings 
    Ohio State University Extension fact sheet offering recipes and canning information.
    Quality for Keeps 
    Directions and recipes for canning meat, fish and poultry safely.
    Recipelink Canning and Preserving 
    The Recipe Link offers canning and preserving recipes, message boards, and canning safety articles.
    Sandy's Place 
    Recipes, information, and tips on home canning, freezing, and dehydrating.