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    Automotive Conservation 
    Interactive game for Windows or Macintosh by Ford Motors to educate consumers about both environmental issues and automotive maintenance.
    Batalla Naval 
    Networked, multiplayer battleship game for Gnome.
    Cats and Ladders 
    One or two player board game for Windows.
    Civil War 
    DOS board game by Paul Spangler.
    Clone of 'Titan' for Java in which legions move over large map recruiting minions before meeting on the battle board to fight. [Open Source, GPL]
    Connect 4 
    DOS version with computer player options.
    A Windows version of the African game of Mancala.
    Small Othello game for GNU/Linux or Solaris.
    Do'SSi Zo'la 
    One or two player opponent blocker for Windows or Linux. [Open Source, GPL]
    Expert Backgammon 
    Flexible backgammon game for Java with internet play and computer analysis of moves.
    Five In A Row 
    Windows version of the board game 'Go'.
    Four in a Row 
    A version of 'Connect Four' for Windows.
    A 'Connect Four' variant for Windows with six built-in computer opponents and network play.
    Generic Universal Boardgame 
    Play almost any board game: backgammon and checkers pieces are available or you can create your own. (Requires Java 2)
    Get 5 
    Attempt to get five marbles in a row by placing them on the board. (DOS)
    Gipf for One 
    Network players on Linux or Windows introduce one piece into play until achieving four-in-a-row. [Open Source, GPL]
    Play against the computer, laying out Xs and Os to put five in a row.
    Gomoku for Windows 
    An ancient Japanese game, known also as RanJu or as (in Russia) Noughts and Crosses. The object of the game is to get five or more crosses or noughts in a row before your opponent. Available for Windows.
    Guardian Light Studios 
    Free downloads and games for sale, including backgammon, chess, and checkers.
    Happy End 
    Othello variant for Windows that allows you to play the end games of thousands of real matches played by world-level champions. Features several board designs and statistics reports.
    HB Othello 
    The popular board game for Windows featuring computer opponents with multiple difficulty levels.
    A two player strategy board game for windows in which the object is to connect two sides of the board with your tiles.
    Customizable Windows version from India for up to four players.
    Matt's Connect Four 
    Two player Windows version of Connect Four.
    Clone of the original board game Monopoly for Windows. It includes property, chance, and community chest cards as well as sound effects. [Open Source, GPL]
    A network variant of 'Connect Four' in Java.
    Remove all the pegs except the last, which should be left in the center of the board. This Windows version includes a solution finder.
    Othello against a friend or one of four levels of AI. The Windows graphics can be customized with themes.
    Shogi playing program and programming API for Windows and Linux.
    Shogi Variants 
    Windows program to play the Japanese member of the chess family of games or one of 16 other ancient and modern Shogi variants.
    Space Monopoly 
    A simple logical game of buying and selling shares. Requires Windows.
    Tenes Empanadas Graciela 
    A clone of the Risk, the turn-based multiplayer strategy game for Linux.
    The Knight's Tour 
    See if you can figure out how to move a knight around a chess board hitting every square exactly once.
    Tick-Tack-Toe Master 
    A Go variant for Windows in which the object is to get five checkers in a row.
    TicTacToe 3D Infinite 
    Make five in a row on an infinite board, for Windows.
    Board game for Windows in which you race an opponent and try to block her good moves by opening and closing valves.
    Shogi for Windows with Kanji (Japanese) and Glyph (Western) artwork, and network play.
    An Othello program for Windows with computer AI that the author claims he cannot beat.