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a literary ezine 
Features stories and visual art in an online gallery.
A monthly webzine of short stories and poetry.
Bygone Days 
Features historical fiction, short stories, editorials, and articles.
collected stories 
Dedicated exclusively to short fiction.
An e-zine delivered as an executable file through e-mail, featuring fiction.
Deeply Shallow 
A quarterly electronic journal with a focus on sharp contemporary and literary fiction.
Elbow Creek 
Features western fiction, poetry and related articles about the American West during the 1800's.
Monthly webzine features original short prose and fiction.
Start-up company using temporal networking to offer a weekly newsfeed from the future.
Monthly e-zine publishes books and short stories by unpublished writers.
Short fiction and longer opening chapters.
The quarterly online fiction magazine.
Post Pop Pulp 
A speculative fiction e-zine dealing in the genres of horror, sci-fi, romance, and archaic scholarly literature.
Shark Reef 
A literary publication featuring works by writers of Lopez Island, Washington.
The Copperfield Review 
A quarterly online literary journal devoted to promoting quality historical fiction.
The Fiction Warehouse 
A weekly ezine devoted to promoting new and emerging writers in the fiction genre.
The Phantom Luncheon 
A quarterly webzine featuring new writing.
The Summerset Review 
Quarterly e-zine of short stories and essays.
The Swamp 
Online magazine of fiction, poetry, articles, essays, experimental.