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    American Fondue 
    Quick cheese fondue relying on Velveeta cheese and dried onion soup mix.
    Are You Fond of Fondue? 
    Some tips and advice, plus recipes, for making cheese fondues.
    Blue Cheese Fondue 
    Used to dip bread, or fresh fruit or vegetables, this is made with blue cheese, cream cheese, Monterey Jack, and kirsh. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.
    Cheese Fondue from RecipeSource 
    Around fifty fondue recipes, using various types of cheese.
    Crab Cheese Fondue 
    Simple recipe with five ingredients; processed cheese, cream cheese, milk, Worcestershire sauce, and crab meat.
    Creamy Cheese Fondue from RecipeSource 
    American and cream cheese with chives are the base of this recipe. Direction for microwave available.
    Danish Fondue 
    Used to dip small sweet and sour gherkins and chunks of light rye bread, this makes use of bacon, lager, and Havarti and Samso cheeses. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.
    Dory's Cheese Fondues 
    Small collection featuring crock-pot, Cheddar-Swiss, Golden, and Monterey fondues, as well as The Sophisticated Cheese Dip.
    Fondue by GourmetSleuth 
    Includes descriptions, recipes, serving and preparation equipment and fondue etiquette.
    Fondue Recipes 
    Cheese, chocolate, and other dessert fondue recipes made in the crockpot.
    Fondue Recipes 
    Large collection of fondue recipes including those for cheese, vegetable, fruit, chocolate, and other desserts.
    Fondue Recipes at Better Homes and Gardens 
    A collection of fondue recipes including Meat Fondue with Southwestern Cocktail Sauce and Mocha Fondue.
    Fondue Set and Recipes 
    Two recipes presented by a seller of fondue equipment; one for a traditional cheese fondue with alcohol, the other for a non-alchoholic version.
    Foolproof fondue 
    Microwave recipe with several suggested variations.
    Highland Fondue 
    A cheese fondue using grated Scottish or mature Cheddar cheese, onion, and whiskey. Served with rye or onion bread. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.
    Hottest Old Trend in Cooking 
    Several recipes and tips from experts about preparing fondues.
    Israeli Fondue 
    Made with avocados, lemon juice, garlic, dry white wine, Edam cheese, and smetana or thick sour cream. Used for dipping bread, and red and green peppers. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.
    Mexican Fondue 
    Steak cooked in hot oil, and served with a sauce made with chilli powder, green chilli pepper, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.
    Queso Fundido with Chorizo Casserole Dip from RecipeSource 
    A cheese fondue making use of Cacique Brand products, served with corn chips or tortillas.
    RecipeSource: Cheese Fondue 
    Ovo-lacto vegetarian recipe making use of milk, cottage cheese, and two kinds of pasteurized processed cheeses.
    Rediscovering Fondue 
    History, how-to, tips and recipes for home cooking from
    Sarah's Fondue Recipe 
    Gourmet cheese fondue recipe to be served with smoked chicken, turkey, or ham.
    Sausage Fondue Ole' 
    Relies on condensed cheddar cheese soup, beer, chilies, and sausage pieces.
    Simple Fondue Recipes 
    Five cheese based recipes, one being for dip made in the crockpot.
    Teriyaki Fondue 
    Meat marinated in soy sauce, sherry, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger, then cooked in hot oil. Served with salad. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.
    Vegetable Fondue 
    Fondue made with a thick white sauce and pureed vegetables, which is used to dip sausages or potato pieces. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.
    Welsh Fondue 
    Made with finely chopped leeks, lager, and Caerphilly cheese. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.