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    A Wish For Wings That Work 
    Forum for posting personal poetry and other writings.
    Bluehawq's Nest 
    Diverse and varied subject community, with multiple boards for poetry, short stories, social issues, feedback, and critique. Includes tips for writing online and general discussions. Membership required.
    Creative Concepts 
    Portal where readers and writers can share stories and poems on multiple boards. Includes publishing resources, writing links, and chat.
    Electronic Literature Organization 
    ELO bulletin boards and chats. Features guest speakers and online workshops.
    Le Chat Sage 
    Community devoted to creative expression through prose, poetry, and song. Includes writer's workshops and peer critique, with an emphasis on fantasy.
    A Onelist group for people who love mysteries, thrillers and true crime novels.
    Nova Express 
    The 1997 Hugo nominated fanzine, resides in plush luxury within the SF Literature Forum on Delphi.
    In a simple way a web-based magazine. In a more complete way, a gathering space for people to meet, challenge, and conspire with each other. 
    Multiple boards for poems, short stories, journals, writing ideas, online store, and social area. Also includes a webcam and tips about constructing your web page.
    Forum for short stories, poems, critique and chat, with guest and member logins.
    Realm of Illusion 
    Contains forums for dark and light poetry, short stories, interactive writing, and critique.
    Shared Writing 
    A forum for sharing writing of many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Also offers a poetry forum and archives of contributed fiction and non-fiction.
    Put your imagination into words with interactive story writing.
    Provides the opportunity to express and experience the stories, celebrations, tributes and remembrances of life.
    Tag You're It - Writing Club 
    Tag writing community in which one person starts the piece, and others contribute. Includes related links and FAQ.
    The American Brain 
    Write ideas and chat with people about anything.
    The Bahamas Writer Forums 
    Offers writers several different forums where they can meet and chat with writers from around the world. Includes boards for articles, stories, poems, books, job announcements, and search.
    The Blue Hand 
    Displays stories written by visitors using 5 fixed words that change monthly.
    The Confession Spot 
    Online communities for people to share secrets and stories.
    The Falcon's Pen 
    A TalkCity-based chat for writers to discuss ideas.
    The Gate: A Writing Community 
    A Web-based interactive community where authors come to share their stories, read other author's stories, and post comments.
    The Steele Tree House 
    Offers critique, challenges and friendly chat amongst writers of all genres. Includes multiple boards and free membership.
    The Story Exchange 
    Allows users to read and share stories in one of five categories: tragic, amazing, funny, mystery, and miscellaneous.
    The UnderWorld 
    An open forum for the discussion of submitted poetry and creative writing.
    The Writer Community 
    Discussion boards, polls, contests, events calendar.
    Wicked Company's Preview Book Club 
    Preview a mystery novel for free in a daily newsletter.
    Paranormal site with community chat board, tales of ghost and ufo sitings.
    Writer Exchange 
    Large selection of stories, satire, scripts, poetry, and songs. Includes an interactive forum.
    Independent creative writing site with original pieces are submitted around a monthly theme. Contributions of all styles and genres are encouraged, including prose, poetry and non-fiction.