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Birds of Kerala 
Birdwatching sites, tours, and conservation news.
Butterflies of Kerala 
A guide to the butterflies of Kerala, with a collection of photographs, from a travel agency site.
Endosulfan Conspiracy 
Account of the damage caused by the pesticide to the people and environment in Kasaragod, and of the means by which this chemical's usage was permitted to take place.
Flowers of Kerala 
Photographs of various types of mostly cultivated flowers found in Kerala. Generic naming only provided.
Kerala Forest Research Institute 
Undertakes research and studies in forestry, bio-diversity, wildlife, wood and soil science, silviculture, plant pathology and physiology.
KRL Encon Club 
Energy conservation,environmental protection, and voluntary energy conservation club at Kochin Refineries.
The Nilgiri Tahr Foundation 
An organistion working to save the Nilgiri Tahr, (a wild goat species) and its habitats from destruction, particularly in the Eravikulam National Park, and also elsewhere in the Western Ghats.
Vechur Conservation Trust 
A trust formed to save the Vechur, the smallest cow in the world, from the brink of extinction.