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Offering rare Barbie dolls, Barbie clothing and accessories, and retro toys.
Rainy Day Games 
Strategy games, puzzles, collectable card games, and networked pc gaming.
Reeny's Odd Toys Plus 
Crocheted and knitted stuffed animals and dolls.
Rena's Toy Room 
Offering fastfood toys originating in Canada.
Reruns for Wee Ones 
Classic toys and gifts for children of any age.
Ridin' High Helmetry 
Toy helmets and hats for children made of an injected foam. Montana, USA. [order by mail]
Rocking Horse Barn 
Maker of traditional hand carved rocking horses.
Specializing in toys with wheels, including Radio Flyer, Brio Toys, Razor USA, rocking horses, tricycle, trikes, wagon, and wooden toys.
Rope Runners 
Kits provide all the parts to make a wooden figure which rolls down a rope on a single wheel, using weights to balance it.
Roto-See-Saw Kit 
Do it yourself kit for building a rotating teeter toter.
Rubber Band Toys and Shooters 
Great for the office and home, from kids to executives. Non-Tech Toys for all ages.